They GOT me!


I got a huge postcard in the mail last week from Disney, with a PIN code, but it turns out it is just the FREE Dining Aug-Dec promotion open to anyone, but I did it, I booked us a short trip in Dec! We went for the moderate this time, our family of four has grown considerably since we started going to WDW 6 years ago! So we are at a MODERATE! for the first time, and we went for Coronado Springs Resort.

This is a FIRST for us in two ways: First Moderate! yay! and first time in Dec.

We are booked Dec. 17-22, but could move back one day to 16-21, but I would prefer the current dates.

So, I have a few questions:

  1. Are the crowds going to be bad? I read the posts about the weather in Dec, so I won’t ask about that. We have 6 days of tickets - is this the time to get the Touring Plan done, or go by crowd levels from previous years to determine schedule, or what? Don’t currently have park hopper - could add.

  2. Does all the Christmas special stuff cost extra? I know the CP does, but what about the Osborne Lights and the Candlelight processional? I have never paid attention because we never considered going in December before. We are trying to keep this as minimal as possible.

  3. YAY! We are trying to move to NC and I am in the running for a great job - We are prepared to move in a month’s time and I am SO HOPING that we will be able to celebrate a new job and new home by this time.

Thanks for listening!!:wub:


Congratulations! You picked a great time to go, you’ll love all the Christmas decorations. The crowds won’t be awful but they will build while you’re there. A couple of years ago we arrived on the 21st and the crowds weren’t bad at all but they got worse every day until we left on the 26th.

The Candlelight Processional is free but the lines can be long, especially if you don’t do the dinner package. We walked up and stood in the back and watched it from there. Not a great place but we saw everything and didn’t have to spend an hour or two in line. The Osborn Lights are free.



Actually, I have been in Dec once for a weekend as a youngster, but we have not gone together as a family. I got there the day they were lighting the trees for the first time - it was nice. I can’t wait! Excited about the Osborne lights! What is the dinner package for the processional? we have FREE DINING@!!!


Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party costs extra. You can check it out on line & what nights it will be held on. Keep a check on the weather down there before you go. We have been to WDW in Dec or early Jan when it is warm during the day & chilly at night. We have, also, been when it was chilly during the day & nearly froze at night.


Also be aware that the MK will close early on the days of theChristmas party. It may help your planning.


Thanks, I am so excited now to be going right before christmas! And I just found out that the Candlelight dinner packages can’t be booked until Aug. 23, so I haven’t missed anything! I did get some good preliminary dining ressies: Tony’s on a night that the MK is open until 1am! Ohana’s and Donald’s Safari Breakfast, and also at the new Italian place in Epcot!

Is the candlelight processional every night? at what time? anyone know the schedule for the dinner packages? or the participating restaurants? or can you direct me where to find them?



It’s tough to say about the crowds. We typically go each year around this time and the last couple of years the crowds have gotten heavier. Now that doesn’t compare to the week of Christmas or even the heavy times during peak season but I’ve gotten a little spoiled to feeling like I have the parks virtually to myself.

If I can suggest one thing…if you like looking at all the decorations, take the time to visit all the resorts (especially the deluxe) and check out the Christmas decorations. They really go all out this time of year and it’s beautiful. In the past, the Grand Floridian has had a life-size gingerbread house set up in the lobby that is really neat. Even if they don’t, it’s still very nice.

Good luck and much pixie dust on the job! Please keep us updated.


Fantastic! can’t answer your questions, but so glad you decided to go it’ll be such fun I’m sure.


Osborne lights are out of this world and The Candlelight Processional is a must do, they will definitely get you in the Holiday spirit!