They increased DP cost!


I just heard that Disney increased the cost of the dining plan from 30-something per day up to 45.00 per day for each adult on the plan. This seems like quite an increase to me. It will certainly make me look closely at what the total cost per day will be for the restaurants that we chose to eat at.


Where did you hear that??? Glad my trip is already on deposit.


OMG! My trip is already booked, but with DVC points…I have to pay for DDP when I get there!

Where did you hear about this increase? When will it go into effect???:confused:


If we did a buffet and a CS per day I don’t see how this is such a great bargain for us considering we would never get a dessert with our CS or even a drink for the matter - we prefer water. AND, I don’t even like doing a TS EVERY day of my trip - too much of an obligation. Unless we planned on doing all Signature meals I doubt we will be doing the DP again. JMHO:happy:


Ugh, this really stinks. I want to CONFIRM THIS RUMOR!!! How much will it be for kids??

Paula, I don’t think it would be worth it if you do a buffet and CS every day. I think you would have to do a BIG sit down dinner every day to make it REALLY worth it.


OK, as of today it is NOT increased yet! I just checked it out on and there is NO word of this happening. They do have 2007 DETAILS OF THE DINING PLAN on the site, and the price has not changed. So…makes me wonder how true this rumor really is! :glare:


Here’s the link from AllEars:

Magic Your Way Dining Plan - 2007 Walt Disney World Vacation Packages


Yeah, really.:glare:


I’ve looked EVERYWHERE for this info and it isn’t reported ANYWHERE! NancyK, where’d you get this info??? :confused:


Hi guys, I got the info from a friend who will be going in Feb or march of 2007, & she was told this by her travel agent. Sorry I was off-line for a couple of hours. I would also like to confirm, I think I may call Disney & get the info straight from the horse’s mouth. I truly hope my info is WRONG!! I will let you know.


I really wonder…usually the other sites have flash news that comes up with these big changes.

And that is a pretty steep increase all at once.


:redface: OK, I think I’ve figured this out… I just got off the with Disney & the cost is going up for next year but apparently not by the great amount that I thought. First you should know that when we went last Feb/ 2006, we had paid 34.00 per adult. I did not realize there was already an increase to the current 37.00/ day. It is going up to 38.00 /day per adult. I think that MAYBE my friend’s travel agent told her the conversion amount taking into account that we are Canadian. To me that still doesn’t make sense because the dollar is so close to “par” right now. Anyhow, it’s really not that bad after all, I just wanted to apologize for causing such concern. I’m REALLY sorry guys. I also forgot to ask about the increase for the kids plan. Hope you can forgive me.:redface:


Ok, I can breathe now…


OK, I can breathe now, too! WHEW Thank GOODNESS!


Again, I’m really sorry for the mix-up, I was freaking too!


Ok now that the EMSes has stopped CPR, I can comment…lol It is already $38 per day. I am paying 37.99 per person. If it ever goes up to $45 a day, I won’t be using it. Me and my DD can eat three meals for $90 easily…why would I ever pay that?


When I read this thread at first, I was scared because we are also staying using DVC points and paying for the dining plan when we get there. Since we love to have character meals and our 2 favorites–chef mickey’s and Crystal Palace are buffets, I wasn’t sure it would be worth it. I am glad it is not going up and it is the same amount I was quoted when I set up to have the Dining Plan.


I would have been surprised, as they had already announced the dining plan cost for 2007. It did increase to $39 for adults 10 and older, and $11 for kids 3 - 9. The only thing that increased for next year was a $1 increase per adult, kids did not change. Still a fantastic deal!


Mickey -
When I reseved that it was $37.99 a person. Do I have to pay $39 since it just chaged or the $38 that is was when I booked?


I’m interested, too. I have a DVC ressie booked at the lower rate, that I have to pay when I check in. When does the higher rate go into effect?