They're doing it again


The Pop Warner team DD cheers for is now only 3 wins away from WDW. I know it sounds exciting, but all I see is work. I’ll probably be the one dealing with paperwork and travel arrangements, and it means a week out of school and an unbudgeted trip.

Is it mean to say I hope they lose one?


Not at all. I can only imagine the stress and money it would take to have an unplanned-for trip that has to be put together on limited notice. Best of luck with this one!


Um, I’m not sure if I should congratulate your DD or cross my fingers with you and hope they lose. Hmmm, it is a puzzlement.


we dont have pop warner- we have something else but our A team is going to WDW in Feb. Em is on the B team- we wont be there but I know that the other ones are. I would look for any excuse to go - LOL


I dont blame you for your secret wish. I’ve worked at WWOS for two Pop Warner weeks now and I wouldn’t wish that sort of trip on anyone!


I honestly don’t think it could be any worse than my last trip to Orlando with thousands of screaming cheerleaders (my daughter among them). I just don’t want the aggrevation of planning the trip for about 100 people, and the money it would cost. My car is the shop, DH works for a bank, I just paid for tickets for DD’s March trip for cheerleading etc, etc.


Yes, I don’t envy you if you have to go through all of that. Too many people to deal with, too many issues. I guess I will hope they lose, for your sake!


That sounds pretty yucky. I’ll send pixie dust for everything to work out --one way or the other! Let us know how things go!


Tough spot to be in but I would probably feel the same. I’ve been in WDW during Pop Warner and all I can say is YIKES!