Things coming to a close - what next...?


Well I am 2 weeks from having my Christmas/New Years WDW vacation fully paid for…My ADR’s made…and I am going to tell you - this has been a looonggg road, as I booked this trip last Christmas season and the waiting has been torture…but I needed the extra time - as I have been able to pay for my mom to go with us on this trip. My questions…what next??? I can’t just sit by for 72 days and not plan…so, I was thinking - any tips to save money while there or make life more convenient while there. Here is the list I am working on to save $$$ and make life a little more convenient.

  1. Take prior soveniers for the kids (Mickey Light Sabers, stuffed animals, etc…hoping that will curve the need to buy EVERYTHING they see b/c they will already have some stuff there.)

  2. Buy trading pins online - my kids 1st trip was in July 2007 and they REALLY got into the pin trading, which we knew NOTHING about - so, we had to buy ALL their pins onsite - I think we spent $200 on pins alone.

  3. Buying lightsticks and necklaces and stuff online pre-trip so I don’t have to buy many at parks.

any other suggestions??? - I am going to have a hard time not planning a WDW trip.


Great question… for me I would be on the look out of any last minute referb’s is it me or is Disney announcing them pretty late now? Anyway, I would be all over the place trying to find out as much information as I can to make my trip great. Good luck!


Look at and on the left side of the parks page there is a list of refurbs . I always buy light sticks at home depot for about $1.50 each and my kids are thrilled to have them. Also I tell my kids that they get one souvenir. They can look all day long but that the trip is the souvenir. They know before we go and are content not to ask for stuff. Have a great trip!!!


I empathize with you - 50% of the fun is scheduling the trip. I too started my planning Oct 2008 for my Dec 2009 trip. It gets depressing when the trip is over especially if you don’t have a future trip pending.
I would love to be able to go each year but unfortunately that can’t be.

Therefore sites like this keep the magic alive for me!!


If you have a local Disney store, check them out. The one near me usually has great sales and you can use those as new treats when you are there- like leave them on the pillow when you leave the room and they will come back to a surprise.


if you want convenience, take me!!! i’ll carry your bags, bring you your food at the qs meals (provided the disney police are allowing you to “save” tables), flush the toilet for you, whatever you want!!!


If you’re driving go to Premier Outlet for some souvies. Much cheaper than in the parks yet still Disney so the wording is there and they stiil get something off of it. Sometimes it’s been picked over but one’s junk is another’s treasure. Start making your door decor’s. Look for matching shirts/outfits for your group for the holidays, something to make you stand out and get noticed. Better yet since it’s Christmas gather songs and have your group treat the other park guests to some holiday cheer one evening with singing carols. You may be surprised who all steps up out of the crowd and joins in:)


Ok so I know this sounds a little cheesey but to save money I let/make my DD roll change! We have a huge container we put our change in daily. How ever much she rolls $$ I tell her she can spend. We start months before our trip. It’s a great thing to keep her busy (at times) and it teaches her that money goes really fast in Disney if your not careful!

I should say we don’t bring rolled $$$ to disney. We go to the bank and trades in the rolled money for bills!!


We hit last visit…and got $54 sweatshirts for 12 BUCKS!! Also last years pins are there for only about 3 dollars each!! HAve fun…


Our dollar store has glow wands with different shapes on top, necklaces, bracelets etc… for Halloween, so go and get them now. Can’t beat a buck!