Things to do OUTSIDE of Disneyland


Hello again! If you aren’t aware, we are going to go the DL in October, we will be traveling with many kids from 0-17 years old and we would like to know where you guys feel are good places to go out side of the parks. Can all you Californians help and tell me where we can go maybe go-kart racing or something similar, maybe mini golfing or suggest a really good mall near either the Disneyland area or close to the LAX airport. Any other options that you feel may help is welcomed! I usually go for just DISNEYLAND…but we would like OPTIONS.


OH, I am even willing to hear where NOT to go!!! what NOT to do, where NOT to eat!


LOL, what a fun post! I can tell you DO NOT GO TO HOLLYWOOD, lol. It’s a dump and you will be highly disapointed :smile:

October is my favorite month weather wise, in California :wub:

You could spend a day in Balboa and Newport. Balboa Island has a great family atmosphere, you can rent bikes or roller blades or just walk along and enjoy the atmosphere. Shops, dining and such. OR you can go to the beach, but even our best beaches are nothing close to Hawaii’s worst beaches. I’d start the day having breakfast at Ruby’s, on the end of Balboa pier. There is also a fun zone with carnival type amusements (ferris wheel & bumpercars–no DL, but kind of fun).

Then you can head to Fashion Island in Newport and shop till you drop (or you can just go there). Good places to dine like The Cheesecake Factory, P.F. Chang’s, Fatburger (yummy)and even a Roy’s if you’re looking for it, lol. There is a Build-A-Bear Workshop for little ones (also one at Downtown Disney…), they should be online somewere.

I will think some more on it and post more later :mickey:


Definately go to the beach, Huntington is my personal favorite, but I am biased. You might want to check out Catalina Island for a day trip but it might be out of the way a bit. And don’t forget to go eat at In’N’Out!


thank you DaisyD and Rosebud for your information… I will look into those things too! Can’t wait to hear what to do and what NOT to do from you all.

Is there some place that we could possibly do go-kart racing? I seen on the TV that they have that kind of stuff in LA, but where and how can I find it? I would like to try and do somethings that we can’t do down here in Hawaii.

Thank you guys for sharing all of you knowledge!


Aloha! Hmmm…go-kart racing? I’m trying to think of the closest one to DLR. They used to have mini-golf down the street but they don’t anymore…Let me start with Malls…Fashion(or Faciast Island as I call it)Island is a beautiful outdoor mall with wonderful dining options…great if the weather is good. One that is closer to DLR is The Block of Orange…if you are looking for a mall…there is a Dave and Buster’s there too…fun for video games and the like(ESPN at DLR though). I don’t know if you are gonna wanna do the beach thing since you live in Hawaii…but Huntington Beach is great! Of course I grew up there so I may be biased too:) Okay…There are two Boomer’s that I can think of off the top of my head…they have mini-gold and slick track/go kart racing etc…They are both off of the 405 freeway…one in Irvine and the other in Fountain Valley. I think those are the closest to DLR.


Thanks Peppertink for the great info, I’ll look into the Boomer’s and the Fashion mall.



You are welcome! :slight_smile:


I :heart: Huntington! My family is from there and I spent my summers there when I was growing up!

Other than that there is NOTHING (worthwhile) to do outside of Disney! :happy: But thats just my opinion, I always just want to spend all of my time there!


I’m watching this thread too. We’ll be a bunch of girls headed there to see the sights as well as spending time in DL. We want to do all the touristy things around there.


Hey DDoll you’ll be there right before us! Where ya planning on staying?


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I just went to the Huntington (Library, Art Galleries, and Gardens) in Pasadena and I was seriously impressed! The grounds are gorgeous and the museum areas, while small, have some really amazing (and even famous) pieces. Highly recommended for a quiet and leisurely-paced day.

For kids, there’s even a Children’s Garden.


Thanks Andrea, added to our list!


Do you guys have any suggestions on a good ‘pizza’ place? Since there will so many of us… I think Pizza will have to be a meal option!


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Andrea: you don’t know me very well, do you? The Wild Women go to LA and visit a LIBRARY??? :eek: :eek: :eek:

Point us to the combat zone, baby! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


But you don’t see the LIBRARY part! You walk the gardens! You see ART! ART is GOOD for you!

And there are statues of NAKED MEN! :laugh: :laugh:


I am trying to think of a pizza place–we had delivery (at the Candy Cane Inn) from a local place and it was pretty good, but I cannot remember the name. I’ll ask my DH.

If you have a big crowd, there is a Hometown Buffet nearby (on Katella, maybe?). I ate there a long time ago and remember it as fine–far from gourmet and far from creepy, lol. It was cheap (there we 12 of us), and everyone left happy enough. Maybe somene can comment on it, or at least answer your pizza question :flowers:


Hee hee naked men! Art is very good indeed! :tongue:


Well now you’re talking. You should have started your post with that valuable information. :tongue:

Library indeed. :wink: