Things to do


hello I am looking for some things to do away from the parks that might be fun. There will be 2 adults and two 16 year old girls. Money is a cosideration. Thanks
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We plan to do DTD and the boardwalk on our off day and then hang out by the pool and have a relaxing day with no real plans. I hear that DTD has some really fun stuff and the things to do there are not that expensive. Worth checking into.


I love walking around the Boardwalk and resort hopping in general. The Boardwalk is great to just visit, get an ice cream, walk around, maybe rent one of the surrey bikes and people watch. It is definitely my favorite non-park place at Disney World and one of my favorite places at WDW period.


Maybe you would like to head over to FW. There are trails to hike on, a petting zoo, trail rides and pony rides ( although your DD’s are too old), the campfire sing-along and night time movie are a lot of fun.

You can rent boats by the lake, although this can be pricey. The Tri-Circle-D Ranch is here. It is home to the horses that pull the trolleys on Main Street. Ocassionally you can see a blacksmith here working. You can always visit the horses here. They are large draft horses and Percherons.

In the evening they have carriage rides throught the campground. This runs around $30 for a 30 minute ride. They also have wagon rides in the evening. Each ride lasts about 45 minutes and costs about $8 for each adult.

Or you can just grab a chair on the beach and watch the electric water pageant.

FW is a fun place.


DTD and Disney Quest I know my daughter is looking forward to disney quest


disney quest is that just for kids.because im big on video games and science stuff.i would feel a little out of place if i was the only adult there playing games.


We rented bikes from WL for a couple of hours. There’s a path through the woods behind the bike rental building, I think it’s a service road, that we explored and found ourselves on the road leading to FW. Being “off road” and the fact that we saw a deer along the way added to the fun. There are lots of paved paths that were welcome when off roading got to be a bit too much work. We checked out FW, filled the water bottles and traveled the trails, burned off a couple of sit-down dinners and had a blast.


DQ is for all ages, you will not feel out of place. We usually spend between 2-4 hours there. Loads of fun. If you enjoy the video games, make a stop there. We always plan a night there on our trip. There are five floors which include virtual realty rides, POTC, Aladdin’s Carpet, Jungle Cruise and designing and riding your own rollercoaster. You can create a toy, song, drawing and funny photo on the first floor. These cost $$ if you want to take your creation with you. Cool souvenirs though. On the third floor you can become a pinball in a pinball game which is a lot of work but fun. This floor has loads of video games new and old. Near the older games (Galaxia, Pac Man etc) you can ride Buzz’s Astroblaster. This is a lot of fun too. On the fifth floor you have your food too.


For things to do outside the parks, we spend a lot of time at BW. We love the entertainers that come out in the evening, walking around the lake and renting a surrey bike. The hill between YC/BC and the gateway to the Swan/Dolphin is a killer though.

We’ve also played miniature golf at Winter Summerland and Fantasia Gardens. Both courses are fun, but we WS overall. Just bring bugspray if you go to WS or you will get eaten alive.

Resort hopping is always fun too. The Imagineers really have an imagination with the resorts too.

DTD and DQ have a lot to do also.


The Orlando Science Center is cheap and fun for all ages.


Mini golf is always fun and doesn’t cost too much.

I love checking out different resorts and looking around the gift shops, it’s free as long as I don’t find a bunch of stuff to buy.


I love DTD. The specialty shops are a blast to look at. I could spend hours just looking at all the stuff they have. Don’t cost a thing to look.


Another vote for DTD. I love just hanging out there.


DTD is definalty a must, we spend hours there just walking round and window shopping, taking in the atmosphere etc its great. I havnt been to the BW but Iv heard amazing things about it and we will definalty be checking it out on this upcoming trip!


Minigolf or take in an a dinner show.


:pirate: u can go 2 dtd or just hang arond the pool at the hotal or u cann go to mini golf or gegular golf:laugh:


We may try Sea World. Ever think of something like that? Could be a possibility!


I vote for DTD, there’s so much to do there, I love the shopping. Also try resort hopping.
It’s beautiful at PO it’s one of my favourite resorts (both R and FQ). You can rent one of those surrey bikes and go around, I did that one year it was a lot of fun especially since I didn’t have to pedal because my legs were too short :laugh: .

There’s also so much to do at Boardwalk especially in the evening when all
the shows start, I love those. Of course you’ll have to go to the candy store.

The Grand Floridian is a great place to hang out too, you can have tea in the afternoon and in the evening the band plays in the lobby.