Things to never miss when going to DLR


Well, I might go there again soon (hey, last time it was only DCA! :tongue:), and I was wondering if anyone had any ‘not to miss’ things to do at DLR or at DL. :mickey: Thanks for any suggestions! I’m going there for Mother’s Day (:wub:) and I want my mom to be as relaxed as possible…and to not miss out on anything cool that we may have just passed by before! :cool:


One MUST do:

  1. Space Mountain
  2. Matterhorn
  3. The Mr. Lincoln thingy (though, with the 50th, it’s something
    with Steve Martin, but worthwhile nonetheless)
  4. Peter Pan

That’s it.

The Required 4…


:blush: I’ve never heard of The Mr. Lincoln thing… I assume it’s a show of some sort?


It’s called Moments with Mr. Lincoln.

A montage of speeches and letters.

Boring Mommy and Daddy stuff.

On Main Street, between the old bank and the Mad Hatter…


:laugh: Okay. Thanks.


I personally like to out-score my father in a little contest in the Buzz Lightyear ride… Sort of a nice chance to show off your skills…

Splash Mountain and Indiana Jones are awesome too, but some parental units may not appreciate 40 foot plunges or vengeful gods.

Be sure to use the Fast Passes so that you can squeeze in more rides. You may be able to do some ridesvery quickly by yourself if your mother does not want to do the ride. For example: At Splash Mountain just go up to the cast member at the head of the line and ask if they have a SINGLE RIDER OPTION, and if they do they will let you know how to get right to the head of the line! :happy: (I do this when my kids are napping) :biggrin:

Whatever you do, have loads of fun!


:laugh: :laugh: LOL… Don’t worry, I do those things too (especially the Buzz Lightyear one! That’s a must for me on every trip.)


Actually, Buzzlightyear is what we do before and after we do the must four.

It’s a given.

I mean, what else does one do in Disneyland except improve his score? :huh:


Where is Pirates on your list??! :noo: For SHAME!

  1. Pirates
  2. Tiki Room
  3. eat a Dole Whip
  4. Haunted Mansion

Those are my 4 must-dos. :laugh:


definately the materhorn…(especially at night)


hahahah I LOVE that you guys all try to out-sccore each other on the Buzz ride! My family actually bets who buys lunch and dinner over it! Highest sccore pays nothing, second place gets lunch and third gets dinner! I’m glad ot hear we aren’t the only crazy ones!


Oh dear! If we did that, my poor hubby would pay every time I think! :laugh:

And for some reason I am reigning champ…:huh:…even when I don’t try that hard. (Maybe it’s all my friends who work at Buzz…they give me a higher score on purpose. LOL)


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

I always shoot at random places (sometimes just for fun!) and end up getting a high score! :mickey:


Dole Whip and Bengal BBQ as far as food goes.

Matterhorn, Splash and Haunted Mansion:)

Oh and Fantasmic! IMHO better at DLR than at WDW:)


I am so disappointed the Matterhorn and HM will be down when we are there next month. :sad:

But we did manage to get PS’s to BB, Storytellers and …(drumroll please)…we scored balcony seating to the Fantasmic Dessert Buffet after the race!!!

Can I get a hoo-ha?


HOOOO-HAAAAA!!! That is great news! Those are tuff to get:happy:


Wow. :huh:

I’m jealous… :glare:

I truly am… :wub:

I have NEVER got to sit and eat there… :crying:


Matterhorn AND HM down at the same time?? :crying: That’s enough to make me cry for real!


Yeah, Fantasmic is a must see! While your group is sitting and waiting for Fantasmic you should use everyone’s Fast Passes! :biggrin:

Then eat a frozen chocolate banana! :happy: Just don’t try to bite into it right away because it is tooth proof and bullet proof until it warms up a few hundred degrees.


And for everyone left sitting on the ground…change positions a lot! :blink: Or your bum cheeks are gonna be in some serious pain afterwords, I guarantee it!