Thinking about Characters who blink


I have read that during the new show at the MK, the characters blink and have moving talking mouths.
Has anyone else had a concern on how to explain this to their children why they do it on stage, but when we meet and greet they do not?
I know with younger children it would not be a problem, but I have 9 year old who asked a lot of questions last time, like how is Mickey on the Cruise, and then EPCOT and then with us at breakfast, now it’s going to be …“Why’s he blinking up there!”

Just curious on other thoughts…:blink:


Oh please… I think you’re over thinking this stuff and are putting ideas in the kids heads. It’s magic :closedeye


Wow, not the response I was looking for, I was just curios - and if any overthinks “this stuff”, it’s every one on this site, thats why we are here in the first place - we enjoy it. 9 year olds have a way of creating their own thoughts in their own heads.


Manny’s just being Manny. Err…I mean Dopey’s just bein’ Dopey.

I bet Rowdy has the answer. (may be the same as Dopey’s, but I’ll like the way he says it better!)only 10 more days to pick on her!


Oh, don’t be mad. That question just struck me as odd. Didn’t mean to offend. I should have stayed home this morning :blush:


Well, Rowdy may not speak with an accent (I don’t either, by the way, only people think so) I just sound like I can’t say it as well as he :tongue:


I think the best answer is it is magic for the show. I hadn’t even thought of this question coming up, but you are right some kids will analyze this one…


Just tell them it is Disney Magic! You can answer a lot of those kind of questions with Disney Magic. After all… I’m a big kid and I still believe in Disney Magic. To me… it is magic to provide the kind of entertainment they do.


GLAD YOU ASKED!!! :laugh: Well, since I’ll be doing the articulations for Christmas this year, and we’ll have 4 shows doing articulation, I’ve been thinking all my answers up on how to explain to children. As a captain and an attendant I’ve gotten the question before. My answer?

“Mickey doesn’t talk when you meet him because he’s saving his voice for the shows and parades. He doesn’t blink because he gets so many pictures taken of him when he’s meeting his friends he doesn’t want a picture to be taken of him with his eyes closed.”

So that’s why. Characters are real. :biggrin:


Well, Sportsfans, this one’s now a final:



:pinch: :pinch: :pinch: :crying:


Thank you Rowdy -


Best 2 out of 3 Dopey? :laugh:


I always read your posts with a German accent. Sometimes, I picture you sitting there with a tin of sardines too.:wink:


I’m game…bring it on people… :cool:


My daughter asked that question on our first trip - she had just turned 3. I told her that there is magic pixie dust that is used on the characters at show time! Several years later when she was 6 we took the family magic tour at the MK and thankfully our great CM Rae didnt miss a trick when our daughter asked if the magic dust we were using on the tour was the same dust used on the characters at show time - she replied “Absolutely!” and saved the day!


ah yes, the stereotypical German slight accent and sardines in hand :laugh:


You’d be amazed at how I amuse myself some days, and the accents I conjure up for people.:whistling :wink: :biggrin:


I’m with you Dopey! I’m in your corner!!:wink:


Really? do tell.:smile:

I like the blinking characters.:smile: