Thinking about planning my next trip


Just thinking about planning a trip in late august. The problem is that I would leave phila on a friday and come home monday. The reason is I will be traveling with a friend and we can only get off work so long. Do you think it is worth it?? only 3 days in WDW?? I will not have the kids so I also dont wanna be away from the kids that long. Im thinking if I do bring the kids maybe stay 1 xtra night. If I leave the kids at home I can just out together all my fav things to do and bang it out in 3 days… Any advise will help… thanks… :heart:


I say leave the kids for the weekend and hang out with your friend in WDW. We mothers need a little break from our little darlings once in awhile and what better place to take that break. Go for it…you know you want to and definately deserve to. :wub:


I agree with Dana, have a friends weekend! You guys can do what you want to do without worrying about your kiddos! Go for it!


I’ve gone for those little long weekends plenty of times. I am doing it in November in fact. I think you and your friend will have a GREAT time “in the world” for three days! I say go for it!


I agree with all of them.
Don’t think of it as a short trip to WDW, think of it as a fun weekend to the best vacation spot ever, with a great friend!


I say Go For It!!!


Go for it. You and your friend can have a blast in 3 days hitting all of your favorites!