Thinking Question


OK let’s see if my fellow DCers can get the extra hard question. What is the only flag in the world that does not have the colors red,white,or blue on them?



some flag in the other side of the world cant remember the name


I have no idea…but want to know how you got that line “no cheating” to scroll across the screen like that!!! That is cool!


hahahahahahaha the little scroll on the bottom is the knowledge of a teen!!! and i’m guessing someone who knows how to use myspace?!?!?!?!? oh and i don’t have anyidea what country that is but did you get it off the olympics???


oooooooooooooh u in trouble with using scrolling thingings, start confusing people :tongue: :wink:


<marquee> testing! :wub: </marquee>


I rock!

<Marquee>Erin ROCKS! </marquee>


ROFL Welcome to the wonderful world of ‘View Source’. LOL


Hahahah yay for Erin you sly dog you copied it :P.



<MARQUEE> Moving thingies thread. But does anyone know the ? yet. I do :P</MARQUEE?


please tell me how you got the whole thing to move?


<marquee>this Is So Cool!!!</marquee>




I guess since I couldn’t even figure out the squiggle that I’m too old for this!!! (off to try anyway…)


I have a feeling this is going to catch on very quickly!! :slight_smile:


Holy Smokes. That’s cool. I don’t suppose y’all would wanna share the secret, would ya?

Oh…and I don’t know the answer to the “flag” question. Is it Italy? Just a guess…


This is the worst case of threadjacking I have ever seen… LOL!!! :tongue:


Oh, I think it is Jamaica…


<marquee> :heart: WOW, I LOVE MOVING THINGIES!!! :heart: </marquee>

ps: I don’t know the answer either but Jamaica was a good guess b/c it’s black, red, gold, and green.


nevermind :happy: