Third Cruise Ship News/Rumor


I read this over at I’ve been hearing this for a long time, but this was the first I’ve seen it recently:

As for the Disney Cruise Line … The way I hear it, the third ship of the line is already designed. The plans have been drawn up for several years now. Even the money for construction of this third cruise ship (which would supposedly be berthed on the West Coast) has already been set aside. In fact, all that dough is said to already be in some Disney corporate account, drawing considerable interest.

“So if the plans are complete and the money has already been set aside, then why hasn’t the Walt Disney Company actually gone forward with construction of the third cruise ship?,” you ask. Would you believe that it’s mostly the cost of steel that’s supposedly holding this project up?

I kid you not, folks. I’ve talked with numerous folks at various levels of the Walt Disney Company about this subject. And each of these people have basically told me the same tale. How Disney’s current management team is reportedly waiting for the cost of steel to come down before they finally okay construction of that third Disney Cruise ship.

All the pieces are allegedly already in place. Disney’s reps have even picked out the European shipyard where they want their next cruise ship to be built. But until the cost of steel comes down to a more affordable pricepoint, the Mouse is going to continue to postpone this project.



Bruce, with the rumors of the Magic going to Europe surfacing this morning, this may be a good sign that we will see the third ship soon. I doubt they can build it in 16 months, but you never know.


Wow! I missed that on the front page Mickey, thanks for pointing it out.

Very interesting!



oooh I heard this the other day too!!! I WOULD LOVE THAT!
I really hope they do it and it’s on the west-coast, more cruises for moi! :wub:

Thanks for posting this brumcg!


Oh wow… A Disney cruise that goes to Europe? That would be incredible…


mickey, where did you hear the news about the Magic going to Europe? When is this supposed to happen, and, will it be permanent? Do you have a link?

Sorry to barage you with questions, but I’m a bit out of the loop, having only returned to the forums today! Thanks!


Here is the other thread on the subject.


Thanks Buzz! Much appreciated!