This could only happen to us!


We received our package this week for our trip to WDW for 12/4 to 12/7. Today DH received a jury summons for 12/1. I couldn’t believe it! Hopefully he can get it deferred. The summons says if you need to be excused or deferred to send it in writing. He’s going to do that and send a copy of our reservation confirmation to prove why he wants to be deferred. Need lots of pixie dust for this one.


Good Luck on that one! That totally sucks!:crying:


Good luck, I hope your DH gets deferred so you can still go on your trip.


I’m pretty sure if you have a confirmed trip PAID IN FULL before you received the request you can get deferred. My Mom did that once, but like a day or two after she returned the next request was in the mailbox!

Good Luck!


He shouldn’t have any trouble. Happened to my dh and he was just called back at a later date.


Good luck!!


I have deferred on more than one occasion. I always asked for a couple days after Christmas as they tend not to start new or prolonged cases.


i have deferred countless time (DH too), they will just recall your DH later.

her in FL or at least P’cola, it’s not a big deal to get out of jury duty.

good luck!


My DH gets out of them all the time. Im sure things will work out and be fine. Good luck


You can definitely get it deferred, just be very specific about the date; my mom deferred her jury duty twice last spring, and each time they followed through, but they asked her to show up the VERY day she would be available for it. And of course, she was never even a member of the jury! What a waste…

Good luck; write a very convincing letter!


Thanks everybody. I feel encouraged by your emails.


Oops, my bad, I meant to say your post.


What the heck?? It’s like they planned it! Good luck.


This should work out without a problem! You will be enjoying your vacation! Good luck! Just ask for a different date!


Same thing happened to me two years ago I called the court and faxed a copy of my confirmation. It was not a problem at all.


Hope everything goes well for you all, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you.

keep us posted of the outcome:heart:



That happened to me many years ago - I got summoned for jury duty for the same day we were leaving for WDW.:pinch: I had to call the courthouse and send the Sheriff a copy of our reservation and plane ticket and I was excused. I hope you can work it all out!


I’m sure it will work out for you guys. The courts are pretty understanding as far as vacations go. As long as you’re not trying to totally get out of it they usually have no problem deferring.


Yeah…this happend to me 2 times!!!

Both times I was excused…so don’t worry about it.

I would love to do my civil duty…but the timing is always off…

Good luck…you should hear something soon.


DH just had to defer jury duty las tmonth. They gave him a new date about three weeks later.