This guy got to love MGM


doing haunted mansion 999 times? ****


Haunted Mansion is in the Magic Kingdom, but either way he has ALOT of free time on his hands!!


Wow! Now THAT’s a fan!


my bad.
i know that the mansion is MK… But apparently i had my head set on mgm. Thinking of Tower of Terror


This guy needs to get a life!!!


or a girlfriend? :dry:


Wow! At least he has goals in life.


Thats a true fan!!!


LOL! Everyone has their thing! That’s pretty cool!


Before I call him a total loser. I’d like to know how many times a day he had to ride it?

Well, to answer my own question I guess 10 months would be approximately 300 days. Or an average of 3-4 times daily. I suppose he probably had fuller and lesser days.

But I’d think any ride would get boring after 1,000 times.


If that’s his thing who are we to judge?

But I don’t think I could do that! Now if it was eating chocolate that is a different matter altogether! :biggrin:


I would love to follow in his footsteps and ride Test Track over and over – even with the breakdowns, I would be happy just sitting htere, going round and round – BTW, I like the middle seat in the back row!


Oh man, I think I could break that record. I’d do it in 5 months! That’s my favorite ride!:mickey:


OK GUYS EASY NOW. I KNOW AND WORK WITH THIS GUY. He’s a great friend, very helpful, terrific character attendant. Don’t misread the article. Halloween would mark the 999th time to ride, not ride it 999 times in one day!


That sounds cool. Hey at least he go to go to Disney every day to ride it. I wish I could go to Disney everyday instead of once a year (if that).


I would never think he was a loser. If he enjoys it, then that’s his thing. I am sure we all do things every single day that others may not be into. He set a goal, enjoyed himself, and reached it! More than I can say for most things, hehe! i’m impressed!

I wonder if he noticed new things he never saw before? If he’s sick of it now? I want an interview, hehe.


Yeah, calling him a loser IS pretty harsh! Like I said, it’s pretty cool. That’s a neat “claim to fame”!


That’s awesome! I think it would be fun to do something like that.


Now that changes everything. The article didn’t say he was a CM, who would be at WDW all the time anyway. I was thinking this guy was an AP holder who spent all his free time at MK.


If I lived closer to WDW, I’d run him a close second. I’d be at the MK every weekend, riding HM several times each trip. My favorite ride. We rode it 5 times our last trip, including just before midnight at MK’s EMH night! Awesome!!!