This is getting ridiculous!


I had never even been to Disney until July 2004. We had a wonderful time. My dh had a good time but we agreed that as a family we should experience more places in the US for our vacations and WDW would be an every 4 yr kind of deal.

In a stroke of luck I had the opportunity to go back for a few days with my mom and my son in Nov 2004. I just loved Disney and would love to go more.

I passed on making a last minute trip May 05 as going without my Dh did not seem right.

I really wanted to take a trip back in 06 and DH was going to cave for me and do a May 06 trip. We ended up doing the Disney Cruise and a one day MK for DS and I (stayed at CR). It was awesome!

I had looked at the DVC DVD in the mail and said - this is not for us. We stay at Pop and only go every 4 years.

Who am I trying to fool!!!

I wanna go back every year! I wanna go back tomorrow! I’d go back with our without my DH. I wanna stay at the Poly! I wanna join DVC! I want to have an AP! I want to go 2 times a year! I want to be like so many of you here on the boards that do this!!

My name is Julie and I am a Disney addict!
Now I just have to tell DH…


I wanna go back every year! I wanna go back tomorrow! I’d go back with our without my DH. I wanna stay at the Poly! I wanna join DVC! I want to have an AP! I want to go 2 times a year! I want to be like so many of you here on the boards that do this!!

My name is Julie and I am a Disney addict!
Now I just have to tell DH…

you’re in the right place but I don’t think we have 12 steps…


Compromise, buy minimum inDVC and go every other year!!! You can bank one year so you have the extra pts for the next + you can use points elsewhere.


Hello Julie…
My name is Renee and I am a Disney addict!

I went to WDW for the first time in October 2004
Spent a year wishing I was back at WDW and returned in October 2005
Went back in February of 2006 and came home as a new DVC member
Going back in May of 2006
Then again in October of 2006 (Three trips in one year - WOW! - but it wont happen again :sad: )
Planning on February of 2007
And then again in October of 2007
And so on and so on…

Again - My name is Renee and I AM A DISNEY ADDICT!

AND PROUD OF IT! :mickey:


I don’t know, you may be onto something 12 steps … 12 months in a year… 12 trips/yr?


Hello Julie…
My name is Bev and I am a Disney addict!

It’s so nice to have a support group to turn to. I haven’t said anything to my co-workers or friend, they just don’t understand… but we’ve already finalized out ADR’s for our 3rd Annual August trip. And I’m coming from Canada! Oh! how I envy southern US residents!


There’s still hope! You haven’t quit your job or divorced your DH in an attempt to take a Disney job! Oprah and the good doctor are hopefully working on this issue.

My family is hoping this next trip to WDW will cure me but if it doesn’t they are planning an intervention. Anyway, its not as bad a meth! Or is it? :slight_smile:

Hey Cavey! Just add it to my Tab!


Cutest. Post. Ever.

LOL!! :c)


I don’t think anyone can cure us Disney addicts. DH let me spend a month there last December, and I am still dying to go back. He thought it would cure my addiction and I would get bored. It backfired on h im though becuase we used to only go every other year. Now I want to go once a year. Yes. I will admit it. I am a Disney addict.


Oh, Julie, I hear you.

I have been to WDW ONCE.


And now all I do is try to figure out the next trip, and when I get to go back!


No, we just have two steps here that you repeat as needed:

1.) Go to Disney

2.) Come Home

Repeat from step #1!


Hello Juile

My name is Kerry, I am a Disney Addict!
I was at WDW over christmas (3 weeks) My DH and Me are heading back in July without the kids and we are taking DD (9) in December(she thinks it all about her this trip! Who am I tring to kid?) and we live in Scotland! No one outside of DC understands our love of the world! They all think we are crazy, but I know I am among friends here! :happy:


Hello! My name is Alma and I’m a mickaholic!!! I must have taken at least 100 day trips and resort stays combined since becoming an Annual Passholder in 1999,and I am still excited as ever to be staying at PC starting May 4th for my end of school year trip. I would NEVER,NEVER,NEVER join Mickaholics Anonymouse!!!


While there is no way to cure your addiction (and honestly would you reall want to?), there are ways to help.

  1. Plan as many trips to Disey as possible
  2. Spend all day posting on DC
  3. Buy every Disney guidebook and secret book at the book store!

All of these things should help!


I am a hopeless Disney Addict as well. And it STINKS when your DH IS NOT!!!

When we get into arguments, he THREATENS that we won’t go to Disney anymore!!! He is so sick of it, it breaks my heart when he says that. Oh, do I wish he were as “into” WDW as I am…it would make LIFE so much easier!!! :wink:


Don’t worry iluvwdw! You’ll get plenty of support here!

(just keep trying to convert him!)



I feel your pain. But, that being said, DVC isn’t JUST Disney World. You can go to SO many other places using the other collections they have and they make it SO easy! If you vacation every year or two (anywhere)…you really MUST look in to it!!


I could just kick myself for not going to the presentation while on our cruise. I wonder what the best way to “look into it” would be. I have the DVD but that is pretty generic. It seems like I may want to go the resale route. There seems to be something to me about owning at VWL or BWV vs buying into SSR, but I know it does not really matter.

Thanks for feeling my pain and keep it comin! I haven’t broke the news to DH yet. :dry:


Okay, my name is gingles and my family are Disney addicts (not me of course).


Hello, my name is Amanda, and I am pround to join the ranks of addicts like you guys! I have been to WDW many many times as a child/ semi-adult with my mother, little sister, and nanny (and sometimes other members of the family… grandparents, aunts uncles and cousins). Also, my senior trip in High School was to WDW… so much fun with so much independence in the happiest place on earth!

I have always loved WDW as a child, but never have I been more obsessed than now. I recently booked a trip for just my fiancee and myself, and ever since that day, almost every waking hour is spent on Disney-related items. When I come home from work, I am on the computer reading fun facts, viewing videos, and looking at pictures. Then next day I am doing the same thing before I have to go to work, and then again when I come home from work on my lunch break. It’s a running joke between my fiancee and our roommate how obsessed I really am.

I haven’t been since 2000 and my fiancee hasn’t been since '86 (I couldn’t even imagine!) He is excited to go as well (even though maybe not quite as excited as me), so maybe there is hope to convert him into an addict like us! I’ll keep y’all posted!