This is the funniest thing I have read in a while


I was reading about Grad night on allearsnet and under the dress code section it says:

All outfits must remain intact for the entire Disney Grad Nite event and for all Blast-Off Parties.

:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

No stripping at the Magic Kingdom kids!


OMG…do you think that’s what they mean? Are the kids in the habit of removing articles of clothing to celebrate? :laugh:


I have a funny sort of relavent story. At Grad night girls have to wear dresses or nice skirts and boys have to wear shirt and ties…my friend hated shirts and ties so once he got past the gate he took off his tie and shirt and kept his t-shirt on and gave them to me to put into his bag. We lost track of him after a few minutes…we got stuck on the HM and he was ahead of us…we assumed that he just left us:laugh: …but a CM actually took him asked him where his shirt and tie were…he said his friend had it…they didn’t believe him because he couldn’t find me (bc I was stuck on the HM) and then they actually kicked him out of the park. This was as soon as we got there (at 10 or so) and we were in the parks til 5 a.m. while he was sitting outside. This was before cell phones so he couldn’t call anyone to tell them where he was.
So, I am assuming, that’s what they mean!:laugh:


Wow that is a strict policy! This is what it now says is acceptable so they must have relaxed it some:
Acceptable for Her:

· Dresses
· Skirts
· Blouse or Top
· Shorts
· Casual pants (including Khaki style or jeans)
· Comfortable shoes (including tennis shoes, dress sandals, and boots)

Acceptable for Him:

· Casual pants (including khaki style and jeans)
· Shirts with collar (golf style shirts, dress shirts)
· Sport jackets
· Dress suits
· Comfortable shoes (including tennis shoes, dress shoes, and boots)

What’s Out

· Clothing with holes or shredding
· Clothing with obscene or offensive language or graphics
· Backpacks of any type, size, or style
· Visible undergarments
· Clothing that exposes excessive portions of the skin that may be viewed as inappropriate at a school function, e.g., bikini tops and bottoms


Yes that is more slack! We were NOT allowed to wear shorts! I remember that much!
I remember the night before Pleasure Island was open for us and that dress code as a little more relaxed…but it was collared shirts and ties the next day!


Time to dust off those tuxedo tee shirts guys!
Or get one made with an airbrushed collar and tie.


Personally, I always get neekid in the park.

Is it just me?


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Now I know why I never schedule a trip for the same time you are gonna be there:blink:


I don’t know why you wouldn’t - I get through the lines in a snap.


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
Wonder if I should try that?


How miserable for the friend. Sounds awful!