This is what Disney taught me


My DD just sent me this on FB…Gosh, I have taught HER well!

If I persevere, I can go the distance. With a little bit of magic and any happy little thought, you can fly. Sometimes you only need the bare necessities. You may find your reflection different then who you want to be, but you can push through it. You can accept anyone, and ask to be our guest. When it comes to love, appreciation is key, that’s how you know your love is true. It’s okay if I wanna be like you. And that when you wish upon a star, your dreams may come true. No matter how long you’ve been apart you can ask, can you feel the love tonight? It is possible to go from zero to hero. Sometimes you just have to kiss the girl. Even if you come from two worlds, you are still able to find love. There is no life and death to things, just the circle of life. Home is where your heart is, even if it’s under the sea. Whoever you are, there will always be whole new world. To get things done, you just have to whistle while you work. Love will always conquer no matter the case, and forever, you’ll be in my heart. You have to realize a dream is a wish your heart makes. You have to believe to reach your goal until the end, and remember I just can’t wait to be king. To love someone, they don’t have to be part of your world. If you look hard enough you can see the colors of the wind. It doesn’t depend on someone’s strength or brawn because I’ll make a man out of you. Remember to always be prepared. Sometimes you just have to trust a friend like me. Everyone has their own beauty and the beast inside them. Love will find a way. And your never to old to kick back and say, Hakuna Matata.


Congrats! You have taught her well. Your daughter must be an amazing person!


LOL she is… to think she found this and actually took a minute to sent it to me almost made me shed a tear! Almost anyway… now if she would just clean the litterbox!


Love it!! :laugh: :laugh:


Oops! double post!


Very cute!


Very cool x


That’s really nice!


Wow, that’s fabulous!

Disney influences everybody and everything!