This is why I'm a Disney fan


This was done without fanfare, without press releases or flashy press conferences, and without any thought of the cost involved or repayment.

Pixar grants girl’s dying wish with home viewing of ‘Up’ | pixar, up, movie, home, show, girl, cancer, die, huntington, beach - Entertainment -


I just read the story from my home page. It moved me to tears.


That is great Disney was able to grant her dying wish. This is why Disney is so magical.


Very touching story. It brought tears to my eyes also and made me remember to count my blessings–especially the health of all those I love. Thank you for sharing.


Wow. That’s just amazing.


I love this story! So touching!


I read this story earlier, online, and it moved me to tears as well. Just awesome.


Me too! Disney rocks! :mickey:


Read it this morning on MSNBC , Broke my heart … Our Prayers go out to the little girls family!

I welled up too !!!


Very moving story I was reduced to tears telling my wife about the story.

God bless to Colby Curtin, sympathy and pixie dust to her loving family and friends.


[COLOR=“Blue”]Yes this is why I am also a Disney fan. It did move me to tears. It is one of the greatest things anyone can do by helping those in their last moments.:heart::mickey:[/COLOR]


Wow, that is amazing. And, it happened in my home town! My thoughts are with her family and friends.


I’m misty eyed… I’m so glad that a company as huge as Disney/Pixar has things make someone’s wish come true… A gift of giving is the best one given!


Not to take away from this, it was truly generous thing to do. I was extremely moved when I read the story. But Disney is on the “Make A Wish” Foundation and alots free trips/benefits to those that have Cancer/Lukemia every year. That’s just something great imo they already do but without continual media attention.
I can understand why Pixar doesn’t want to return calls or comment on this. This was her dying wish and they took a stand to make it come true, but could you imagine how many calls/requests they, as well as other businesses get on a regular basis for whatever reason. That’s why you have to be registered as terminal with orgs like Make a Wish to verify it’s the real deal. Had she been most likely she wouldn’t have almost missed out on her dream. Not trying to be harsh, just realistic.

God bless Cloby Curtin:crying:


My DH’s cousin went on a trip to WDW at the beginning of last year sponsored by Make-A-Wish. It was an incredible experience for him, one his parents would have been hard pressed to give him any other way… He passed about 8 months later, and his mother cherishes the memory and will be forever grateful to those who allowed that special trip.