This just in, possible bad news concerning the Toy Story breakfast


I got this information from the Ears-to-Ears Yahoo group:

Yes, but from what I understand it is some sort
of licensing issue. Also, today I heard that the
Pixar character breakfast unfortunately is now dead
and it may be a Playhouse Disney meal instead.

Not sure where this news came from, but can anyone here (ie: Rowdy) confirm this at all? :confused:


PLayhouse Disney Meal works too! I know a certain little girl that loves JoJo.


hmmmmmm…I wonder who that might be??? :biggrin: :heart:


Yeah PlayHouse disney meal sound good to !


My DS will love a Playhouse Disney meal. He loves Bear


In this week’s WDW Park Update, states the following:

The latest information that I’ve been given about the Breakfast and Beyond meal is that it won’t be happening. Word is that the previously reported friction with Pixar may have been much stronger than thought, and that they canned it completely. In its place is now tentatively going to be a Playhouse Disney-themed breakfast. No further details at this time. We’ll let you know if we hear more.


I called on Saturday and the CM told me that the characters are too large, Buzz Lightyears wings would be hitting everyone in the head…it’ll never happen she told me.


Surely they could work around his wings - Stranger things have happened as far as character meals go…

I LOVE the idea of a Playhouse Disney meal, though - Caisley has finally shown some interest! :heart:


I have a Big Kid named HB who would jump at the chance of having breakfast with Bear!!! LOL!! :tongue:


HAH! Have you seen his new show called “Breakfast With Bear”? He comes to kid’s houses and helps them get ready for school and has breakfast with them.

It’s SO cute!

I wanna have breakfast with Bear, and Anthony from the Wiggles, if that’s ok.


Yeah and i remember finding a thread about another problem like sullys fur would be in peoples food and the size of sully !


This doesn’t make any sense. Pixar has licensing issues with Disney? How can that be when Disney now owns Pixar?! Problems with costumes? Now? If I gauged everyone’s responses right, the Toy Story/Pixar character meal was needed to fill a growing void in meal offerings for 7-11 year old boys. For them to have gotten this close to rolling out the meal and now decide that Buzz’s wings are too big so just forget the whole exercise, makes no sense, I don’t see them not forseeing a wardrobe malfunction. This is a company that builds mock-ups of hotel rooms so they know how they’ll work. To quote Roger Rabbit, “I shan’t accept that”. I’m willing to bet this is just a counter rumor.


I agree. It sounds like it was purely speculation as to why this hasn’t materialized yet. These are not problems that would only surface after casting the roles for the characters. I’ll bet they just want to put a lid on the internet rumors until it can all be worked out.

And the Playhouse Disney stuff? There’s already loads of stuff for the little ones. The only group that was left out was the older little boys.


I agree. Older boys need a character meal. Didn’t there used to be a meal with all the villians? When you meet Buzz in the parks he does not have his wings, so why would this be a problem. I hope they find a way to work this out.


How VERY true! I didnt even think of that! Yeah…I think this is all total baloney…they’re just tired of us calling and asking!! :laugh:


When we were there in March all I kept thinking was why don’t they do a Power Rangers meal??? You should see the swarm of boys when they appear.


And us overgrown boys. Hey, how about a sports cheerleaders buffet for teens and dads. The moms already have the princes at breakfast at CRT.

Buzz has retractable wings in the movie. So just give him retracted wings.

Disney doesn’t own or control Power Rangers and there’s no relationship between the creators and Disney other than Power Rangers running on Toon Disney. Toon Disney also runs Tick and X-Men, both series from Fox.


why are they at MGM?


Erin, I honestly didn’t realize they had Power Rangers in MGM. But what exactly do the Power Rangers do besides entertain on the streets? We know the Pixar connection to Disney and there’s been a Toy Story parade in MGM in the past, as well as the Toy Story parade now running at DCA. The Bug’s Life attractions, the Buzz Lightyear ride in Tomorrowland. But Power Rangers?


i wish to have breakfast with the incredibles.:mickey: