This made me laugh!


Figured you guys would get a laugh too! haha. :happy:


It beats the stuffing out of the magic wand.:laugh:


Haha a Monsters Inc themed park would be so great! Haha. Not realistic, but I can think of so many great ideas for it! :happy:


That would be great, it would be better then the wand they had on it.


Love Mike!


haha the wand they had on it for a million years. haha.


I like it better THAT way…:laugh:


Haha this is adorable! Can you imagine seeing this every time you walked into Epcot? :laugh:


Hahaha! It totally wouldn’t fit! But I’d love it. lol!!


So cute, I love it!


LOVE IT!!! That would be too funny!


Well I for one liked the wand. Looked amazing at night.


Me too. I thought I was the only one.


You are not alone, I liked it too!


This is hysterical!