This made me LOL!

#1 is reporting:

“REMINDER: Toy Story Midway Mania in Disney’s Hollywood Studios is closed for rehab now through August 28. During that time, Sounds Dangerous with Drew Carey will be open.”

OOOoooooh Sounds Dangerous . . . LOL!! They’ll be lining up at opening for that one for sure! :wink:


Can we shoot pies and darts at Drew during the show?


hey i had a great nap in this attraction. dh had to nudge me awake at the end lol


:biggrin: sounds like a plan :whistling


Hmmmmm don’t see that as being a fair trade. I would have thought that they would have done something with that attraction by now.


ROFL!!! I wonder if they have the same dirty, old, foam falling off the inside earphones? :nuke:


It could be worse, they could be pushing the Narnia attraction. You know, where you go in a watch the trailers of a movie that’s been out for over 2 yrs now:laugh:


You know that got me to thinking… Why doesn’t Disney do something with Sounds Dangerous. We never go in there, you think Disney could come up with something to replace Drew Carey.


We should be glad they didn’t re-open it as “Sounds Dangerous with Drew Carey in 3D!”


LOL that is funny!



I believe this attraction is gone now?


:pinch: Well, they matched the same dirty, old, foam falling from them seats.


Yuck…hate Sounds Dangerous - we skip this one every time!




Yeah, that’s a fair comparison. I like the idea of throwing stuff at Drew Carey though.


That’s it, I am flying out right now. I hope they’ve got a snack bar inside SD now, cuz I’m gonna sit in there all day long!



Bwwwwwaaaaa Haaaaa Haaaaaa

ROTFL! :laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh:

I so agree!



Some things can’t even be revived with mouth-to-mouth!!! Please do something useful with this space


GOOD!! We’d never seen it before, so when we were there last month and it started raining we decided to stop and see it only to realize afterwards we’d just wasted an hour.