This Morning at the School Bus Stop: Was I So Wrong?


Last week, one of our neighbors took their kids out of school and went to WDW.

This morning, another neighbor says “We’re thinking about taking the family to WDW over Thanksgiving.”

I just looked at her in horror.

“You don’t think we should?” She went on to reiterate how much fun the other neighbors had- great weather, no lines, so much fun.

I suggested that the crowds over Thanksgiving would be a far, far different situation, and unless they were willing to really, really plan, it would probably not be a fun time. That they’d need to understand that there would be wall-to-wall people, and long lines, and that they’d need to be ready to negotiate that.

I think I talked her out of it.

So I feel bad about the prospect of someone not going to Disney- but I was just afraid they’d end up with a less than positive experience. They’ve got 4 kids- ages 6 to about 14?- and haven’t been to WDW in years; I know the younger two children haven’t been at all.

Should I have been more encouraging? Or was I just being realistic?


I personally think you were being realistic.


I think it makes you a good neighbor to let them know what they may run into over Thanksgiving. They can still go if they like but they can’t say they weren’t warned


No, you were being more realistic. With them having not been there in a few years, there is tons to see. Going at a busier time is for someone who goes every single year and can manage without going on and seeing everything. They need to go over a long weekend and pull the kids out of school for a day or two. Thursday - tuesday trip or something in the winter…no lines, no waits and plenty of time to see EVERYTHING! You were right.


You provided her with your thoughts… she has to make her own decision.


If she goes, she will definately see your point.


I don’t think you were wrong at all. You gave her that advice based on what you know, its not like you bad mouthed Disney. I wish I had listened to everyone when they said how hot is was in Florida in August.


You totally did the right thing!!! I’m glad all of you talked me out of a Christmas week visit in 2005!


I think that you saved them a lot of money and a lot of hassle at the same time- perhaps pull up a bunch of “low attendance” and “discount season pricing” and print it out. Then when you see them say," If you go around this time you will have a much better experiance with no lines and less cost"
Then its not discouraging just delayed advice


i think you did the right thing! i wouldn’t want someone to go and be so disappointed, especially if they weren’t prepared for it!


Andrea, have you ever been during Thanksgiving week? I only ask because last year we went to the parks while visiting Dan’s family in Tampa and honestly it wasn’t bad AT ALL. The ONLY day that I hear is a nightmare is Thanksgiving Day itself, and I’ve never been on that particular day. The day after Thanksgiving we did 3 parks in one day, all the major attractions, and hardly ran into a crowd anywhere!

I think people ASSUME “Thanksgiving Week” is going to be crazy and honestly I never found it to be bad at all, I have had a WORSE time (crowd wise) the past couple years in August!!

When I lived in Florida Daniel and I used to catch the last couple days of “Food & Wise” Festival and the 3 days BEFORE Thanksgiving and never had a problem at all!


We had a similar experience Easter week, the Sunday was shoulder to shoulder, the surrounding days, not so bad.

But I think the suggestion of creating a 4 day long weekend, kids out of school for just a couple of days, is a great alternative to the holiday weekend crowds. Your right to warn them though, it’s disappointing to hear people report “I’ll never go back…” because they didn’t prepare or simply didn’t know.


I agree with Wish. We have been the week leading up to Thanksgiving the past two years. Last year we left the day before T’giving, but the year before that we were there through the Saturday after. We did not experience any major crowd days. Thanksgiving day was a little crazy but I have had worse days in the summer time. In fact this past Labor Day was worse than Thanksgiving day. I think the weather being so comfortable makes the crowds a little more tolerable anyway! :happy: This week is our favorite time to go because we have never had to wait more than 20 minutes in a standby line and that paired with our FP"s makes the trip that much better!


I wanted to chime in that we have family friends that do Thanksgiving EVERY year for the last I dont know how many years. It is the only time of year they go. I have never heard any complaints regarding crowds. The weather is great and they always have a great time.


We’ve also been there over Thanksgiving and did not find it overly crowded. The weather was also beautiful!

We were there this year over Easter as our granddaughters dance school danced on Easter on the Tomorrowland stage. It’s not a time we would normally go. Although it was crowded, using the fast pass was a great thing and we didn’t wait more than 15 minutes any where. So holidays are iffy I guess.


We go at Thanksgiving every ear. It is the only time we can. I pull my kids out of school for a couple of days. It does take plannng to navigate the parks and see all the holiday stuff. But it is absolutely magic at that time. But the key is planning!!:laugh:


Yes, planning is the key! I think that is where most people get into trouble, because they don’t understand the planning that is necessary.

Case in point, there were so many people there in late August that had no clue about dining, adrs, etc. I saw so many people walk away angry and disgruntled from many of the restaurants, because they just assumed they could walk up and get a table.


I am running into this with a friend right now. They want to go in about 5 weeks, but they haven’t even booked the trip yet! They think it’s not a big deal, and even though I know the crowds will be very low, I still think they need to have a plan. They’ve never been, so I’ve loaned them every book I have on Disney and given them as much advice as they’re willing to take, but they still don’t get it!! I’m so afraid they’re not going to have a good time!:crying:


The people who do not plan are the ones who gripe and complain about the Disney experience. And all you can do is feel sorry for them becasue they have been forewarned. It is alot of money but with any investment you make good choices on how you are going to spend that investment. Disney is a good choice but you have to decide how you are going to manage the investment (time and money). It is just good common sense.
I do not even return home to Buffalo without advance planning!!:laugh:


Hehe, return to Buffalo without planning. This is very key in the winter months, I am sure!!

I didn’t know you were from Buffalo!! :happy: