This past years free dining


Can anyone tell me if the free dining that was offered beginning in August was the regular dining plan or the counter service dining plan? Did it start in mid-August? Thanks!!


It was regular DDP for moderate, deluxe and home away from home and counter service for the values. I believe you had the ability to upgrade to the DDP if you were at a value. You will have to search the forums for that as I am not 100% sure. Perhaps someone else will chime in with the answer?


It was the regular DDP for our stay and we were at POP during the last week of August. Did not pay for an upgradeā€¦


I believe when the first offer for Aug/Sept came out in June it was for reg service DDP regardless of where you stayed but the extension that was available in Oct/Nov was counter service for Value resorts and reg for everyone else.


We also had the regular DDP when we went back in September.