This picture will make you sad, or at least have some Melancholy


Found it online somewhere. Those were the good ol’ days. Please add some more if you have them.


Aw- I remember coming off one of those slides at the speed of sound ( or so it felt) and my cossie disappearing where it shouldn’t!
We had alot of fun there. Sadly the only photos I have now to hand are the ones where its all derelict and overgrown- makes me so sad to see it like that.


Spent many hot afternoons at RC in the early years. I sort of miss the simplicity of it all compared to TL or BB.


That brought back great memories. We spent many hot afternoons enjoying River Country, and I loved that slide!! So sad that it’s just a memory now. :crying:


lol ~ when i first looked at the picture, I though you were referring to the bathing suits ~ the mens’ in particular :noo:


Me too!!! :laugh:


They don’t make slides like that anymore…can you imagine the lawsuits they would get now when people land on top of someone or “hurt” their tushy when they land.


Miss River Country had many good times their.


I sure hurt my tushy ( and other parts:noo:) when I landed- dont look very big, but the gap between the end of that slide and the water-ouch:sad:


Aw little Speedo’s! Your post made me lol and I had to go back and take another look:smile: