This sounds like it will be a blast!


Downtown Disney has introduced Celebrate Tonight!, a high-energy street party that focuses on what our Guests are celebrating.

DJs are the party hosts who engage Guests to join in with stilt walkers and party crew for group dances and sing-alongs to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, family gatherings, or whatever our Guests want to celebrate – all while spinning the latest and greatest party hits.

Located in the West End Plaza of Pleasure Island,
Celebrate Tonight! is now running 5pm-11pm Sunday through Thursday
and 6pm-Midnight Fridays and Saturdays.

I can’t wait to go!!!


I think that will definately be a popular party!


Me too. I really like the idea of DTD having someting interactive and fun.


Fun! I think this must be what I saw on the Vacation Planning DVD in the Cool Stuff for Kids section. I saw the kids dancing with stilt walkers. Looked like fun!


I think it may bring in more night crowds to DTD. They really want us to spend money on shopping.:laugh:


Oh that sounds like such a great idea, I know we always have DH’s Birthday whilst at WDW so this would be such a fun way to celebrate


That sounds like fun. I can’t wait to check it out.


I saw a few blog write ups on this . . . they were saying it had a long way to go to become like the celebrate it show at MK! BUT, at least they are trying to get some life back into PI, that place is like a ghost town right now.:pinch:


I completly agree.


Here are some pictures and comments I read:

Celebrate Tonight! debuts at Pleasure Island | The DIS Unplugged Disney Blog, News


This looks really fun! I absolutely L:heart:VE DTD and I think this will be a great addition. Can’t wait to check it out in February!


Sounds like a good time to me…


I hope they get it all worked out before August. That would be a fun way to celebrate DH’s birthday.


This looks like it will be fun once all the kinks are worked out. My DS is celebrating his graduation from high school and he loves to dance, so we will def check this out. Thanks for posting this;)


sounds cool! Ill look it up when we go next year.


We are going to Disney to celebrate basically a person that has never been to Disney, their first time their (if that made sense :haha:). It looks cool though I can’t wait to check it out.


So are we. We are bringing someone that has never been to Disney. That is super exciting.