This thread contains my trip plans!


I only have 7 weeks! 7 weeks! 7 weeks!

I will be there a few times before that, but only 7 weeks until I have my husband for 5 glorious days at WDW!

Here are my plans.

Tuesday, Sept 26

Arrive around 11. Check in, get our Dining Plan info, etc.

Can I leave my bags with them?

If the answer is yes, then we will grab something to smallish to eat at the Pop food court, and then head over to MGM. (Oops, I mean Disney-Pixar)

We originally had the Fantasmic! package, but I canceled it, because I didn’t like the limited menu. Matt would be offended by that.

So, have an ADR at 4 for Mama Melroses, but it’s NOT the Fantasmic! package.

We’ll eat, and chill at MGM (D-P) until it’s time to grab a seat and wait for Fantasmic!!! (we’ve never seen!)

Wednesday, Sept. 27

No plans in the morning. We’ll grab breakfast at the food court.

The kids LOVE, LOVE, LOVE (I can’t stress it enough) LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the courtyard/Goofy Splash thingie/pool at the Pop. SO, today, we will be playing at the hotel for the most part.

Around 3, we will go to EPCOT. We are gonna finish out the WS (and today will be the day I get my goat puppet!) Sissy will also scope out the Kimono (which I have her mostly talked out of at this point)…

We have Alfredo’s at 7, which should be perfect timing - we’ll get out just in time to see IllumiNations, and then head back to the Pop.

Wednesday, Sept. 28

Donald’s Breakfastsaurus - 9:00.

We will attack EE this day, ride Kali, go pet the goats out at Rafiki’s Planet Watch, and then back to the Pop.

We’ve considered heading to the MK in the afternoon, and we have an 'Ohana ADR at 6. I think I’ll call and make that for LATER, like LAST seating, so we can hang in the MK as long as possible. Or maybe EPCOT. Probably EPCOT. Because, we’re going to MNSSHP on the 15th, too.

Friday, Sept 29th

NO plans. If we didnt’ go to EPCOT the day before, we might go over there for a while, but mostly it’s gonna be pool time.

We have a mandatory nap at 2.


we’re gonna do MNSSHP.

We have an ADR at Chef Mickeys at 6:20. That’s as early as I can get it. :sad:

Saturday, Sept.30th

We’ve seriously discussed adding a day, but if not, this will be time to go.

If we add a day - will we get our Dining plan free? IF it is attached to our current reservation?


aaaaaaaaaaand, I get to hang with Jo-Jo!!! :wub:


yeah, we’ll show those kids what REAL splashing mean.:laugh: Goofy’s pop jets will never be the same.


I don’t blame them, it’s awesome! Your plans sound great!!! It will DEFINATELY be here before you know it. 7 weeks, psssssttt that’s nothing, you can eat like 1,234,650 pineapples by then!! :mellow:



We originally had the Fantasmic! package, but I canceled it, because I didn’t like the limited menu. Matt would be offended by that.

Erin, the fantastmic package menu at MM wasn’t a limited menu last time I went. The entrees and desserts were the same as the regular menu but instead of choosing an appitizer they include salad and a flatbread. Which is good if you like the flatbreads because you cannot order one as an appy on the DDP. Their salad was very good.


Erin the plans sound great. A perfect mix of park fun, and resort relaxation. You’re going to love Fantasmic, it’s truly amazing!

I’m not sure about your DP question. To get it free, you would have had to add it by June 26th. Do you have it on there now? Was it free? Do you mean if you added a day would you get THAT DAY free because you already have it free for the other days? Don’t mind me, I’m :confused:


You and your family are going to have such a great time!!! We also ate at Mama Melrose in July, and I was quite surprised how good the food was (my sister had the Tender Steak and it was realy good). Look forward to your trip report and pictures!


You’re gonna have so much fun!!
I’m so excited for you guys!


Sounds like you have it well planned out but not too rushed. Sounds like my kind of trip. But unfortunately when i go everyone wants to try and do as much as possible in the week we are there so we are constantly on the move.


Your plans sound great.
I was told by the front desk at POR that if our room isn’t ready when we get in that they will hold our luggage (carryons). We are going to be arriving around 11 am (hopefully).DR’s @ 4pm Coral Reef, so I think we will sleep in that day, not sure yet. But I know I am getting excited.


and MY plans

wed sept 27…meet Erin

thur sept 28…party with Erin

Fri sept 29…bug Erin

sat sept 30…be sad cause Erin go bye bye

but really, we check in the morning (10ish?) of the 27. So if you guys are hanging at the pool, I may join you.


Absolutely!!! Come on down! I’ll leave you my cell, and you can call when you arrive, and I’ll let you know for sure where I am, and all that…that pool is huge. :wub:


We really can’t wait!

Mikie has decided to not dress up
Sissy will be Alice
and Caisley will be Minnie



Your plans look supah! LOL Good restaurant choices too.


I did not see me listed in your plans :frowning:
other then that …they sound awesome !


Get down here, sTInker - and I’ll go up and change any day I need to!


Daydreamer - LOL, SUPAH!


I love your plans erin! I love the downtime that you shceduled most of all. That is the most important part of a vacation and sometimes people forget that.


Well, we have the advantage of not having to squeeze it all in…we really just wanna enjoy the one thing we DON’T get alot of when we go to WDW - THE RESORT!


That to me if half the trip. I love the resorts! Why pay all that money if you aren’t going to use it and enjoy it? It doesn’t matter if it’s PC or the GF…you are still paying a bundle to lay your head down at night. That’s what all that extra stuff at the resorts is for…to enjoy! The time at the resorts just hanging out with my DD is the most precious to me.


I’m with you on getting the most out of the resort while you are there. To me the Disney resorts are just as magical as the parks themselves!

Your trip plans sound great!