This week's mini TR!


Up @ 7:30AM this morning because for some reason my apt. complex likes to trim the hedges w/a chain saw at first light right outside my window. At least it gets Pete up and in the car by 9AM. Make pretty good time, park at the TTC and are in the MK by 11AM. Postcard pixie at Emporium and City Hall for a few min., and then off to Fantasyland.

Now, I know this is the 3rd time I’ve visited since becoming an AP holder, but we haven’t really spent any quality time in the MK until today because of crowd levels. It really wasn’t bad - did most of Fantasyland (except for Pooh, why that ride always is at least 30 min. long is beyond me) by walking on just about everything.

PETE WAS A BIG BOY TODAY!!! He wants me to make sure that I tell everyone on DC that he got on Space Mountain and Splash Mountain today without being a baby. I am very proud (and a lot less irritated, it was really lame standing in line and riding by myself all the other times).

We had a PS at Liberty Tree Tavern for 1:30PM, but we were starving by 12:30, so we tried to go early, and they were very polite and accommodating. Pete had the Colony Salad, and I had the Old Glory Burger. Both were good. We really liked the atmosphere more than anything, but I would have enjoyed it far more if I could have had an actual BEER in the TAVERN. Gotta love the MK :wacko:

So then it was on to the HM (where we noticed that if you look on the floor next to the piano bench, you can actually see a shadow of the ghost who is playing it!), and then adventureland. We decided to do the Jungle Cruise since there was literally no line, and we hadn’t done it since our honeymoon, and then we did the Magic Carpets. Thank goodness I managed to talk Pete out of the Tiki Room - that show just grates on me like Small World - then we split a Dole Whip and watched a little bit of the parade. By this time the park was a bit crowded, so it was off to EPCOT.

Got a FP for Test Track and walked right on Mission:Space. We were left in the holding area for a REALLY long time, I suspect a protein spill:biggrin: Then we arrive 10 min early for our FP at Test Track and they make us wait. The standby line said 25 min. We finally get to our FP time, and there is NO LINE at either FP or standby. What a waste of a FP - we could have given them to another couple for use later on and just walked on - idiots.

Did our usual stroll through World Showcase. Now, the Flower and Garden Festival doesn’t officially start until Friday, but a lot of the things were already up - it was BEAUTIFUL! Had a Lowenbrau in Germany, Pete got his turkey leg (he was really hankering for it:laugh:), I got a Harp in Rose & Crown, then it was off to Spaceship Earth (and my little nap), a couple of games in Innoventions, and then home again. I was SO tired, I couldn’t make it to the fireworks at either MK or EPCOT today.

Hope you liked it. :mickey:


If I havent said it before…I’ll say it now…
I am glad that you are utilizing your annual passes though…what day are you going next week–so i can anticipate the TR??


Thank you Jenny!

I’m glad Pete wasn’t a baby today…we’re proud of him, too.
Glad you got your beer.
That’s cool about the shadow at HM. I’ll have to look for it when we go!!!


Sounds like you had a great day. Have I told you how lucky you are to go to Disney any time you want!? I’m glad to hear you got to ride Space & Splash Mountains with Pete. Those rides are so much more fun when somebody goes with you.


I forgot to comment! I am very proud of pete–and also glad you didnt have to wait in line by yourself…did he go on mission:space and test track?


I don’t know what day it’ll be next week - hopefully I’ll have a job by then (yeah right:crying:) and it’ll have to be on the weekend. But we’re definitely going on the 29th - my little cousin turns 8 and we get to crash the party the night before and stay at the GF - REALLY excited about that. And Pete’s SO proud of himself. For some reason, he thinks Test Track is lame, and sometimes gets weird about Mission:Space, but can usually be counted on to do it. He just hates roller coasters and big drops. Now, if I can get him on the Tower of Terror, that’ll REALLY be something!

Aecox, I always called myself a HUGE Haunted Mansion fan, thought I’d seen it all, but that shadow playing the piano always slipped right by me until today. It was cool to see something “new” in an old favorite.

Disneyfever, you’re right, it’s so NOT fun to go on rides by yourself and see other families enjoying it together.


I can’t wait for your report on the 29th! I am writing it down in my date book! Are you still going to concorse…lucky…grand floridian…i dont think that even if the dave and i were the richest people in the world he’d want to stay there :frowning:


Why wouldn’t he WANT to stay there??? It’s so beautiful! We’re party crashing on the 28-29th, my aunt and uncle are footing the bill for this one, I don’t think even w/an AP discount we could pull it off for 2 days for our anniversary in Sept., which is why I’m planning on BWI. We knew when we went on our honeymoon that it was going to be a 1-time deal, in all likelihood.


he thinks it’s too ‘stuffy’…we’ve never even been in it…he’s just seen it from the monorail…
basically hes a big ol nerd


I’m loving that you go every week!! Too cool :c)

Tell Pete we’re all very proud :c)


He wants everyone to know that he kept his eyes open “the whole time! Even when I went all they way down Splash Mountain!”:laugh:


Thanks for the report, sounds like another great day. You are so lucky to get to go every week! You are really going to get a lot of use out of those AP!


Fun fun!! What a dream it would be to just drive to the MK for the day!! Good for Pete – now that he’s a big boy, he has to go every time!!


He’s so darn brave!! No wonder you married him! :laugh:


Great trip report, can’t wait for the next one!!! Pete is braver than me, I keep my eyes shut until the bottom of splash!!! Well done!!!


Congrats Pete… Way to Go… Now its onto the Tower of Terror… :blow: LOL

Im so jealous that you guys live so close and can go anytime that you want too.
Maybe someday DH and I will be able to do that.


Thanks for sharing.


Sounds like your trip was alot of fun! :flowers: Thanks for offering to be a postcard pixie for me :frostyang …I hope you DH surprises you more on the next trip :blink: …all the roller coaster + TT :huh: :ohmy: :wacko: :whistling …LOL :biggrin: