This will make you want to go to Toyko Disneyland!


Check out the pictures: Picasa Web Albums - Roger - New Tokyo Dis…


Ugh, I’ve been DESPERATELY wanting to go to Tokyo Disneyland for about 5 years now, I better not even CLICK that link! :sad:


Me either Wishy! I am in love with Tokyo Disney at just pictures and research stage. lol


Go on CLICK IT . . . it’s really nice . . . but not much better then DisneyLand!!


I know, I know. I’ve obsessively looked at Tokyo Disneyland resort pics, park pics, etc. on-line for so long now. Everything is SO CRAZY immaculate & amazing. If I don’t get to go to Tokyo DisneySea someday i think I’m gonna ummm… I don’t know, cry, or something. :crying: :laugh:


We’ll make it there!! I have faith! :tongue:


I know it is crazy immaculate . . . WOW! I love the menu and pricing! :laugh:


My brother is leaving for Japan on July 21 I am begging him to go, take pictures, get me stuff . . . he said nah, I heard if you’ve been to WDW it’s the same . . . I’m like NO IT ISN’T!! He’ll be right there . . . he’s killing me! :glare:


That resort is nice!!!


After seeing the pics ,I want to go too!


We’re definitely going to have to add it to our wish list!!!
It looks amazing!!!

Prezcatz Paul


:ohmy: Wow:blush:
Their parades look good too! :laugh:


Wow! Those pictures are beautiful!


Thanks for sharing!


Wonderful pictures, thank you for sharing!



All you have to do is compare Disney Seas’ replica Portofino Bay with Universal’s Portofino. You’ll notice that the Tokyo version has actual acrhitechural features where Universal’s is painted with simulated shadows.
But with the weak dollar, the 20 hour flight time, the TSA gauntlet, and who knows what else, it’s going to be quite some time before we ever get there, if in fact we ever do.
I’m not even sure when we’ll return to Disneyland at this rate!


Wow! I want to go…