This year's autograph books


I finished the autograph books with a couple weeks to spare.


Really cute!


How adorable! Do you make these each visit for them?


I love them! Great work, especially your “Through the years” pages!!


They are amazing. You are so talented and I am so jealous.


Those books are cool.What a talented mom you are.I like the through the years also.


So cute!

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So, SO cute! :biggrin:


Very nice! :heart:


Yes, I make new ones every trip. The girls pick out the character they want and I go from there. Delaney always picks Pluto and Channing changes her mind constantly until I start making hers. She changed her mind 4 times before settling on Minnie. I had all the stuff for a Marie book before she switched to Minnie:wacko:.

Thanks for all the kind words.


Where do I sign?


Gorgeous books!


I can go with you and be the book carrier. I will protect them on all rides, promise.


HA !!! I was thinking that myself.

THOSE are AWESOME !!! Great touch with Pluto’s collar !!!