Those Darn Love Bugs


Any ‘Love Bug’ sightings at the World yet? I’m ready for 'em…just hope they aren’t as bad as they were a few years ago. :eek::eek::eek::eek:


We didn’t see any when we were there Saturday!


What the heck is a love bug?


Funny story on love bugs, when my ds was round 4 years old he and his sister were in a stroller at mgm and some few flew into the stroller next thing you see is him jumping out as fast as he could, and yelling it was so funny.


It’s early for love bugs.
Look for them in the fall between Sept 12 and Sept 29.


A harmless but annoying flying insect.
Harmless, unless you’re a car’s paint job.

Lovebug - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Oh goodie…we haven’t been during Lovebug season before. We must’ve just missed them on our last trip (first week of Oct 2007). I’m used to going in May or August. Hopefully they aren’t too obnoxious this year.


We just got home yesterday and I can tell you I didn’t see one single love bug the entire 4 days we were there, it was great!! We normally go in May and they are always there then! I hate Love Bugs.


We’ve seen a few around here, guess it’s not too early in LA…hope they don’t show up at WDW yet:) I will say it’s only been a few…no large swarms:)


I live in Central Florida and they have not come out. Yet…


I second that…they’re here in Louisiana, just not in the masses.


We stopped going to WDW during September and May since my DD is afraid of bugs!!!


We were there last Sept. 19-28 and never saw one. We were thrilled.


you know…Herbie:tongue: j/k

Don’t see them as much in our area but if I go as far as an hour south they’re all over the car. Don’t leave them there either as the bug juice seems to eat through the paint. ick


They came out this weekend in the southeastern part of SC. Anyone traveling down I-95 will hit them (no pun intended) when heading to and from WDW. It’s only a matter of time that the temp in central Florida starts cooling down and out they will come.

They might be harmless but do they make one heck of a mess to your cars finish. Those of you not used to them please remeber to wash your car off when you can.


How long do they last? As I recall, not long…(I hope!)


The season can run anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks. And it isn’t uniform. Some parts of WDW can be much worse than others on the same day.


I dont like these bugs at all. We were there a few years ago in May and it was funny because they were all over the place at OKW but the minute we left the resort and went somewhere else we really didnt see many of them at all. Funny thing: we had a rental car that trip and guess what color it was? U got it white… Ahhhh What a mess…


When we went in September 2006 they were horrible at AK but tolerable at MK


We are here now and haven’t seen any.