Thought on mid-late May crowds/attendance


I’ve seen conflicting reports on what kindof crowds/attendance to expect around mid to late may this year. I’ve seen from moderate up to very crowded. I’m wondering if attendance is going to be much higher this year in that time frame, and continuing right on into June as a result to the HEAVY advertising campaign that Disney has put on for the 50 Year Celebration.

kids are out of school - WDW is generally more crowded - but some schools are out the middle of May.

May has several things against it - the Celebration, the Flower/Garden Festavil, Star wars weekends…

so I’m beginning to wonder…

thoughts anyone?


We’re going over the 4th of July weekend, which I hear is really crowded anyway, so I’m just assuming that the Celebration is going to increase that by a bunch! Disney has really been advertising up a storm (everytime I turn on the TV I see an ad!), so I’m sure once those schools let out it’ll be a free for all!

(Boy I hope I’m wrong!)


We are going then. May 28 - June 6. I am not really concerned about the crowds because we go back to the resort for part of the day and relax and take a dip in the pool and then go back to the parks. The MOrning and evening Extra magic hour will be great for us, because we will take advantage of that for the lower crowds.


I think it will be more crowded this year, due to the Celebration. I’m going in July and I plan on being at the gates for opening and riding the must-rides first, going back to the hotel(pool,nap,etc.),and take full advantage of the Extra Magic Hours. I think it’s great that they now offer the hours after the park closes. I went in Feb. and we walked on every ride with no wait.


I too am a little nervous about the crowd level in May. We are going 5/10-5/21/05 so hoping the first week of the celebration is the most crowded and will taper down a little, then pick up when schools let out. We were so spoiled last year by the crowds when we went the same time. I am just hoping that being the celebration is going on for 18 months that the crowd levels will be about the same as a normal year’s attendance, maybe with a little bit more people.

No matter what the case, we’ll be at WDW and go with the flow!


I’ll be going for our 4th May in a row.
I check resort availability to see what I think the crowd levels will be. This year there is very limited avalibilty the week of May 15th.
Previous years I would have easily been able to find a room anywhere, so thats where I came to my conclusion that with the Celebration it’s going to be pretty busy.
Hopefully it won’t reach peak levels.

PS - I also hope I am WRONG!!


I don’t think that May will be much worse than other years. For E-ticket rides I’m guessing about 30 minutes. Everything else whoud be 15 minutes or lower. The last week of May could get crowded, but the first 3 weeks of May should be fine.