Thoughts on AS Sports Resort?


My DH, self and DS, who will be 5 and celebrating his birthday while we are in WDW, will be staying at the All-Star Sports Resorts this October. I was wondering if anyone has any feedback about the AS Sports?

We changed to this resort at the last minute and I still have kinda mixed feelings about doing it. We were originally booked at the POFQ which I have been dying to stay at, but when the fall discounts came out we found we could save $820 by changing from POFQ to the AS Sports. It was really too much of a savings for my DH to pass up, so I made the hotel change.

I know the All Stars don’t offer as many amenitites as the Moderates do, but we really will just be sleeping there and then taking an afternoon swim break. $820 seemed too much of a trade off to have the nicer pool and the fridge which we likely wouldn’t be using as we are on the dining plan.

Am I worrying overly much about this?


Yes, you are worrying too much- but that is what us moms do the best!! Any of the Allstars are perfectly fine. $820 is a HUGE savings and I don’t think you are getting much more at Port Orleans than you would at Sports. Your child will enjoy Sports much better as they are decorated larger than life! You’ll have a pool, a bed, a food court and each other! What else do you need!! Now find something super fun to spend that $820 on!


We prefer POP for values, but AS Sports are just fine, especially if you 5yo is into sports. He’ll be memorized by the larger than life end zones.


If all you are looking for is a place to sleep you will be just fine. I like a bigger room if we are going to spend a lot of time at the resort.


DW & I have stayed there twicce and we both like it. I think your family will enjoy it just fine!

Saving $820 is a big deal too, use some of the savings to book a couple of character buffet meals :slight_smile:

Send a few $$ down my way too when yer through :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone for the feedback! My DH agrees with all of you, that I am worrying way too much about the hotel. :blush: I am just so excited to go and with it being DS’s birthday I just want everything to be perfect for him. We will likely never top this birthday - unless however, we go to Disney for the next one. :laugh:

DS’s favorite sport is football, so I requested a room in the Touchdown section. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that we will get that section - I know it’s never a guarantee.

Again, thank you all for your replies.


$820 is a HUGE savings and I probably would have switched too. Honestly, since it’s your DS’s bday I wouldn’t think twice about it. Kids LOVE the values because of the icons etc. And if he’s into sports I think you made the right choice. It’s not the BEST on Disney property but I think you’ll enjoy it because your son will love it so much.


That’s quite a chunk of money. Didn’t they offer you rooms at a discount during the same time at POFQ? They usually discount rooms all across the board. At least I think they do :blink:


$820 is such a lot of money! And your 5-year-old will really enjoy the hoopla and cool stuff going on at All-Star Sports. I think you made a great decision.


I also think you did the right thing. I don’t think that POFQ has $820 over any of the all stars.
Your son will love the larger than life footballs, surfboards and whistles at Sports. The room is slightly smaller than POFQ, but it will be fine. If you start to feel crowded, just think of that moo-lah you have saved!


Thanks to everyone new who has posted their opinions. I’m definitely feeling better about making the switch. :laugh:

In reply to Dopey’s question about the discount at POFQ - I asked for it as soon as I saw the fall discount come out. It just wasn’t available for what ever reason. I then asked if anything was available at POP as that was my first choice for a value, but they said nothing was available there either. It may be our timing - we are going October 10 - 18 and it is Columbus Week so maybe that had something to do with not alot being available at either one? This is my first time getting lucky with a deal like this so I wasn’t sure what to expect.


We’ve stayed at All Star Sports 3 or 4 times and it has been perfectly fine. Most 5 year old boys would LOVE it!
Have fun and stop worrying!!!


We like ALL THE VALUES . . . last May (Mother’s Day Weekend) we stayed at Sports . . . I posted pics in a TR . . . it’s a LOT OF FUN!

They have great SPORTS LIKE activities at the pool at night . . . basketballs and hoops, belly flopping contests . . . the food court has a lot of “FAN FAIR” food, like pizza, foot long hot dogs etc . . . good for a snack or a quick bite.

The LARGE icons are great . . . we were in the section with the BIG MEGA PHONE, our room faced a nature preserve, and we were on a corner . . . but a 2 minute walk from the pool and the lobby!

MAKE SURE you tell them at check in it’s your sons birthday . . . he’ll get a card signed by his favorite character and balloons in the room (LOTS OF FUN!)

When we go it’s me and my two DDs so 3 in a room is room enough . . . the sink is not in the bathroom, so while one takes a bath/shower the other can be getting ready . . . works PERFECTLY!

If you think you need a fridge you can rent one for $10/night . . . I always THINK we need it, we put FOOD in it, but end up throwing it all away at the end of the trip! :blush:

You’ll have a magical time . . . besides think what you can do with the savings?? :wink:


AS Sports was my inauguration into full immersion of the Disney experience. This was a few years ago with my 8 year old DS at the time. He did in fact enjoy it. I remember thinking that bus service was sketchy, but overall the experience wasn’t bad.

Unfortunately, I have made the mistake over the years to upgrade with time, so now I’m not satisfied unless it’s a deluxe. However, I suspect that I may be living proof that a fool and his money are soon parted…


I’ve stayed at both AS Sports and POFQ. I do have to mention that the room is much smaller at Sports and the resort is incredibly loud and busy, even at 11:00pm at night. If those are factors that will not affect your stay, then enjoy. The theme is very cute, and I would imagine toddlers love it. But, I do have to tell you as an adult, I truly liked POFQ much better.


Saving the $820 was smart, your DS will like the AS Resorts, the only downer is the bus ride, you may miss a bus due to the long lines in the morning or when a park lets out, the one benefit of non AS Resorts are the shorter bus lines.


I have a sports kid, and IF her team were staying at ASMusic, I would be there and enjoy it.

But if I didn’t have the team thing happening, I would be at POFQ in a heartbeat!