Thoughts please


I am really torn. I was thinking of upgrading my resort to Caribbean Beach from Pop. Buuuut here’s the thing. We are literally only ever at the resort to sleep and shower. Lol so, is it worth the extra money?? Pros and cons of each? I’ve stayed at pop and know I like it, (mainly BC it has its own bus) but id love to stay at CBR.


You’ll never know unless you try it!

Maybe you only sleep and shower at the resort because there isn’t much to do there. And even if you only sleep and shower there, perhaps you’ll find that you enjoy the atmosphere that CBR provides. Is it worth the extra money? None of us can answer that for you. But considering you said that you’d love to stay there, I think you should try it out.


I guess this is a question only you can answer. Like Victoria said - we often hear “I only use the resort to sleep and shower”, but maybe it’s time to change things up a little and include the resort as part of the whole Disney experience. All the Disney resorts are great and spending time enjoying them can add to the whole Disney experience. It has been years since we stayed at Caribbean Beach - but I can still remember how gorgeous the grounds and landscaping was, how my kids loved swinging in the hammocks on the beach and the “fun” atmosphere of the resort. Why not shake things up a bit? Nothing can beat the Disney Parks - but there is so much more to Disney! Maybe it’s time to discover a few of those things.


Every trip we take, we have a rule to try one thing that we haven’t experienced yet. Be it a ride, food or whatever. As the suggestions above, I think its a good thing to try. We definitely have changed our vacation habits over the years, and totally enjoy the resort to add to the Disney magic. Maybe that could be your one new thing to experience, using the resort to add to your Disney pleasure. (My kids laying in the hammocks at sunset are good memories for me also!)


I say go for it.we always stayed value.then we tried port orleans riverside and new orleans .it was so worth the money just the feel of the year dh wants to try CBR.


We too have changed our trip styles over the years. We now spend more time relaxing at the resort than in the parks. The more we went the better we knew how to hit the rides we wanted to hit and get back to relax by the pool. And isn’t relaxation why you go on a vacation anyway?


I’ve stayed at wilderness lodge too and was still just there to sleep and shower lol. We are true park people. Open-close. But I think you’re all right, I’ll never know unless I try. Thanks


We had exactly the same philosophy about trips a few years back. We stayed at All Star Movies and figured we always would because we only used the room to sleep and get ready and then we were at the parks. The first time we stayed at POR, our attitude changed. The feel was more relaxed and we realized that it added a new dimension to our trip. We purposely changed up our touring plan to give us more down-time at the resort and on our trip next spring, we are actually adding a day just to relax and enjoy the amenities there.

If it were me, I think I would give it a try. I don’t think we will ever go back to the way we used to do WDW. We love the entire resort experience.


We have stayed at Pop, ASM, in the values…and PO CSR in the moderate but never CBR…so I can’t compare exactly. …But we are like you in our WDW trips—up and out the door until late at night—never use anything but the food court at the resorts. The he thing that makes us prefer the moderate is that for our experience,mthe bus service was much much better…at Pop and ASM-- we waited and waited both at the resorts and and the parks…

Like everyone else has said, you won’t really know until you try…I don’t know about rates during your visit but sometimes with the specials, it brings the room rate of the mods down closer to value…

Whatever your decision, you know you will enjoy!!! :happy:


I stayed at AKL and have to say that just waking up to animals outside our window was awesome. We too spent most of our time in parks but found that we also enjoyed spending a little more time at the resort.


I personally think you are fine where you are. CBR is HUGE and room placeement is seriously important. If you are going to upgrade, I would go for the preferred room location. If you are going to make this move, you should probably do it soon too as the promo’s availability is getting tough.


We’ve done Pop four times and in between a couple of trips did CSR and AKL. I LOVED AKL! But after the two non-Pop trips, DS said he still likes Pop best. It was his kind of place. And if the child is happy, we’re happy. :happy:


If your not sure how you would like CBR, maybe you should split your stay. You can stay a few nights at Pop and then move over to CBR. We vacation along the same line as Bethishooked, we try something new each time we go. My new thing is to stay at all the hotels in WDW. We own DVC so I try and hook a night or two on at a hotel before we move over to a DVC location.


I thought you were renting points? I am so lost!


We had the same thought as you last year for our August 2012 trip; we love staying at Pop but we figured since we are military and with the discount we would try staying at CB…I can honestly say we were beyond disappointed and regretted not staying at Pop! However if you really want to stay at a moderate level I would suggest PO Riverside or French Quarter both very nice and they blow CB out of the water!


I was going to rent points, but decided to stay at pop. Now Im thinking cbr. I’m still not sure tho. I appreciate everyone’s input


Our family started out much like you. Basically used the rooms just to sleep. When we did venture “up” a level, we actually changed a bit. Now we actually plan for a “day at the hotel.” So maybe, you’ll appreciate the extra ammenities once you’ve tried them.

Our new adventure this year will be AofA suites. Can’t wait.


I am just happy I didn’t lose my mind:laugh:


…my thoughts? hmmmm I think I’ll have a beer, please.


I nice resort can add a whole new element to your trip. But, if you already know from your Wilderness Lodge trip that it wont make much difference, I say save the money and stay at the POP!