THREE Walt Disney World TV Specials!


Hey, don’t know if anyone else was just watching the Discovery Channel.
But at 10 there was an hour long Animal Kingdom special
at 11 an hour long Walt Disney World Parks “Behind the Scenes” tour
and at 12 and hour of Walt Disney Imagineering ride info!

EEK! I taped it all, it was so awesome. Just wondering if anyone else watched any of these, they were great!

(nice timing as my best friend got called this morning and she also got hired to work in WDW Canada pavillion in Epcot…June 20th '06 - June 15th '07!!!)


Wow! Wish I had.
Any idea if they are going to replay those?


it is not in discovery channel it is in the travel channel.


ooooooh Discovery Cannel for the canadians…Travel for the US I guess.
In canada I hardly EVER get those coo lDisney specials, so I was VERY excited to see these. Maybe I should check discovery when y’all are talking about things on the Travel Channel.


I forgot it was on, but haha! I set the DVR!! I will watch it tonight.


I have seen these ones before and they are awesome! A great little Disney fix when you need them the most…slightly above the Planning Video and slightly below actually taking out the photo albums and going down memory lane of your last trip…I do love the Sassy Imagineer with the earring on the AK Special…he’s fun.


Here is a good site for WDW TV times.


hey wow, thank R2G! :mickey: it’s in my favourites now


You’re Welcome

And I think one is on right now!!!


I’ve been watching it most the afternoon, and I’m still watching it right now. I’ve seen most of them, but the one that’s on right now I haven’t ever seen. It’s AWESOME!!!


WOAH, TESS!!! That news is almost cooler than the MUPPETS & SHAG put together!!! WOW. Are yuo guys going to be able to “bunk” together at Vista Way? Are you even going the Vista Way route?


About the only reason I’d want cable is for these specials. But alas, the Cavey Clan lives in the dark ages (Dare I say, in a hole in the ground? :tongue:)


How could you pull yourself away from the 14 hour long special on Discovery titled, “The Magic of Lint” LOLOLOL whoo-hoooo :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

Thanks, Tessa, for the heads up and R2G for the great link…I loooove these shows!!! :wub:




Oh…I bought the DVD of “The Magic of Lint” when it premeired back in 1997… It’s actually a part of a trilogy…

  1. The Magic of Lint
  2. The Lint Strikes Back
  3. Return of the Lint Brush

:biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


yeah!!! I am SOOOOOOooo happy!!! We’re both going to be in the Commons - not Vista Way - since we’re on the International Program. I’m not sure if we’ll be able to live together, they try not to put more than one person from each country in the apartments, but if there any open spots we’ll try to do it! Either way we’ll both be HUGEEEEEE Disney fans living and working together in WDW!!! Dream come true :happy:


I have seen those before. My DH would say “too many times”. But he was nice enough to tell me about it and I watched them again. Like Bella said “A great little Disney fix when you need them the most.” :crying:


I just recently watched these, but they are SO good! Thanks for the heads up, and the link :c)

Dopey - MY DH makes fun of me, too…lol (“We’re gonna watch that, AGAIN?”)