Thrifty Rental Car


I have been searching for a rental car and they have been outrageous, but I found an offer from Thrifty for a minivan for 8 days for $173.00 total! I think that is terrific, however here are my doubts.

Thrifty does not have a pick up location at the airport. They have a shuttle that you take from the airport.

I am curious to know, has anyone ever used Thrifty in Orlando, what were your experiences. How far did you have to take the shuttle and how were the cars you rented? Tell me everything!!!


I have used Thrifty for parking our car while going on a trip departing from Orlando. The shuttle is very good. You will have no problems with that.


This makes me a bit worried, noone has actually used Thrifty for a rental car service?


Thirifty is a large national chain. You should have no problems.

In someways a little more hassle being off the airport but it will be close by. On the plus side you don’t have to figure out where to go getting in and out of MCO which always seems to me like the planners spilled spagetti and paper then built it.


We have used Thrifty in Orlando and had no problems what so ever. They hae a shuttle right at the terminal and it is a very short ride. Quick and easy.


I used to use Hertz exclusively, but lately Thrifty has been my rental car agency of choice.

You shouldn’t have ANY problems…

They are dependable…


thrifty is a national chain, the cars aren’t the nicest, but that is a good deal


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We used Thrifty last year, and had no problems. You walk out from baggage claim and find the Thrifty waiting area, and a shuttle pulls in, you load your luggage on and it takes you to the rental place. A short ride away. We signed up for their Blue Chip program and there was a special counter for it. Walked up, signed one place, got the keys and out to the car out front. Got a great deal for a week last year. Coming back, there is a gas station across the street so its convenient to refill the tank. Pull up, they check you in, you unload your bags, the person hands you a receipt, the shuttle pulls up, you load your bags (the driver will help, we were the only one to tip him a few bucks, so he only helped us off!) they take you to your terminal and there you go!! It was really painless.

This year, we had to go with the best deal, and that turned out to be Alamo. Bonus that they are in terminal, but don’t be scared of Thrifty…



Thanks for taking the time everyone!!! I appreciate the tip of the Blue Chip Program, Cloverboy, I will go and sign up!

Yeah, I wish the best deal was in Terminal for us but unfortunatley not even close! I will keep checking as we get close but I think we are going with the Thrify deal! Thanks!


I used thrifty twice and had no problems. Once an SUV and once a midsize car. The shuttle is easy. Sign up for Blue chip makes the whole process very easy.


Ok, I don’t typically like to talk negatively about anyone, but I feel you all should know the experience I had with Thrifty Rental Car!

Last night, I called to confirm my rental car for Monday and Thrifty had everything completely screwed up. Human errors occur but on Sept 4th I called to make a correction due to a mistake they made when booking (they had me dropping teh car off at 9:50 am rather than 6:50 pm), and I was told it was taken care of and even though the mistake made at booking would have cost me another $80 (technically we are now at an extra day rental), they were waiving the extra charges and would make note of the change. They apologized for their error, etc…

Sidenote: I am a very thorough person, I write down names of the people I speak with as well as the exact times in which I speak with them ( I was a customer service manager, back when I was employed and we had to document everything, so now I am accoustomed to doing it for everything)!

So, yesterday I call to confirm all is now set, and the reservation is now totally a mess, they changed the pick up time to the drop off time they were supposed to have corrected, and now the drop off time was the time that I was supposed to have picked it up! I was passed from employee to employee for 45 minutes (not to mention my call was even dropped and I had to call back!). I finally got a supervisor and she was more than rude and nasty towards me, she insisted I spoek with her on the 4th when I did not at all, I spoke with a Tina and her name was Rhonda, and when I told her this was not so she kept saying, “I know I spoke with you ma’m, I specifiaclly remember you telling me you wanted a pick up time of 6 pm!” I responded by saying, “I arrive at the airport at 1 pm, why would I ever tell you that I want to pick up a car at 6, why would I want to wait in an airport with two toddlers for 5 hours! I did not talk with you, I spoke with Tina!” She kept saying, “you are incorrect, but when we spoke…,” so I demanded, Yes, demanded, to talk to her supervisor. Finally he got on the phone with me and even after he heard the entire situation, he decided to tell me that they were no longer going to honor what I was told on September 4th about not charging me for their mistake, etc…, and although he was sorry that I was inconveinenced by being passed around for 45 minutes and having to deal with an employee who was rude, (I guess it really did not matter that she was a supervisor!), he felt that the best he could do for me was to split the difference!

I was so furious! I do not know what has happened to customer service, but Thrifty fails at it completely!!! I told him he could take the rental reservation he had for me and cancel it, I don’t care if I pay someone else another $100 more than what he is offering me, I feel that I cannot trust their company and I would never want to do business with them!

I know I have ranted and raved for a bit here, but I just thought I would share this TERRIBLE experience, so anyone who decided to go with Thrifty can make sure that they check and re-check their reservation! I now have a reservation with Dollar and an completely satisfied!


OH MY GOODNESS…that is TERRIBLE!!! I am the EXACT same way as you when I speak to people…I write down exact dates, exact times (down to the minute) and their full name (if they will give it). If I were you, I would contact THRIFTY CORPORATE and tell them of your situation. Heck, write a letter to the President of the Company, and see what kind of response you get! Hey, ya never know!

P.S. Did you ever get a rental? If so, from where and how much did you have to shell out? I see you’re leaving in a little over a day!


One of the best things you can do is keep track of who you talk to, when you talk to them, and what was agreed to.

Good thing that was done.

Could you imagine what would have happened had you arrived without bothering to confirm.

You wouldn’t have had the option to tell them to get lost.