Tick tock!


Tomorrow is Disney Eve!! I am working a half day and will be packing the car all day. In case I don’t get on here at all tomorrow, SEE YA!!

I won’t be doing a report until I get back…sorry all. No laptop this trip.:heart:


Have a magical time!


Have a Spectacular Trip:pirate:


Have a great trip, be safe… but enjoy yourself! (sorry- channeling a little Michael Jackson)…

Wow- you will have fun!!!


Dana, Have a safe trip! And welcome to Florida!!


YAY! See ya!


Have a great time at POP and check out the Tiki Room for me!


I hope you and your daughter have a magical vacation! Can’t wait to read your TR when you get back.


Wow did your trip count down fast! Have a wonderful, magical time!


Have a good trip, let us know how you like Pop!


I got up at 4am to ensure that I am tired enough to fall alseep around 7:30pm. The 2am wake-up call is going to kill me if I don’t get some solid sleep. I am chipping away at my Disney Eve list and am satisfied with my progress. I only have to finish those last few loads of laundry and add a few items to my suitcase and I am done. Packing the car should be a breeze. Everything is lined up according to how it’s going in there. The cooler stuff is in one spot for easy access…I am so prepared.

I ended up taking DD to the doctor yesterday afternoon because her ear hurt. Good thing I did because she has a double ear infection. Rxes filled already and we are pretty much ready to go.

I have to head to work in 30minutes and get done around 1pm. I am so PUMPED!!!


have a wonderful trip enjoy POP … have piece of tie dyed cheesecake for me. I know i will we we get there. lol… be safe.


Although DD should be fine, guess it was a good thing you weren’t flying. Good thing you caught it before you left home.

Have a safe trip.


I hope your day drags on once you get to Disney, no rain, bus service is at it’s best, no pushy people, no upset tummy, another words have a fun and magical time. But most of all I hope you have a safe and untroubled ride. We’ll all be waiting for your tr so be sure to take lots and lots of pictures.


Drive safe! Have so much fun you can’t stand it!:happy:

(I still have time to e-mail you the list of State songs if you like - I know Sara would LOVE it!:laugh:)


May you have a safe and magical trip.


YAY!! Have a great time!


ENJOY!! Take lots of pictures to share with us when you get back. HAVE SO MUCH FUN!!


Well Dana, by looking at the time, I’m assuming you are driving home from work right now or just got home. Have a wonderful, safe trip. Driving can be a fun experience. I love seeing all the landscapes of each state. Take your time and enjoy the surroundings.


Dana I hope you and Sara have a wonderful trip, I hope Sara’s ear clears up quickly too-safe journey both and have a truly magical time (lots of pics please!)