I was wonder, I know where I can find tickers but for some reason I can’t find the ticker for the countdown to ADR’s.
does anyone know the link for that?


Is this what you mean? PS Calculator 10.0


I actually find the site but the ADR ticker isn’t working, it gave instructions on how to use it as an ADR ticker, this is the site:

My Vacation Countdown Ticker - Disney Vacation Countdown Clock

Thank you for your help!!:mickey:


Danielle, are you trying to make a link to use in your signature here at MB?


Well I was trying to find the site that has the tickers, i found it now i just have to try and add it to my siggy now :wink:


I don’t know that that is possible. You can give it a try, but I don’t think it will work here.


yep, tried, it works on my other forums, its ok!
thank you!!!:mickey: