Ticket and Transportation Center


Can anyone tell me if they have ever used the ticket and transportation center for disney…I am not staying in the resorts I am staying in the confort in Lake Buena vista, Can I still use this service? Can I use it if I pay for it… Any idea of the price?
Thanks for your input


If you drive to MK from your hotel you will be using it. You will park at the TTC and take the monorail to MK. You don’t actually park right in front of MK. It doesn’t cost a penny. The Disney buses are also there. Only Disney resort guests are supposed to use the Disney buses. I’ve never actually seen them check for resort ID though. You do not pay on the busses. Did that answer your question?


We used it to go from MK to MGM…not fun. Waited about 30 minutes for a bus, you feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere.
Next time we’ll be sure to plan our days a little better to avoid T&TC!


We are staying at the confort inn that shuttles you to and from the hotel so I guess that our best answer is to go to Magic Kingdom and go from there right?


fun4bru, If you are going to park hop I’m sure you will find ways to do it. If you want to hop from MK to Epcot that will be easy. From the MK, you can take the monorail to TTC and then switch monorails to the Epcot monorail. You don’t have to be a resort guest to do this and it’s free. There is no monorail to MGM or AK. The only way to get there from TTC would be on a Disney bus. I’m sure non resort guests have used the disney busses. I know it all may sound confusing right now. But, once you are there, you’ll see how organized it is. When in doubt ask any CM and they’ll help!


confused is right but that us me all the time !!!
Sometimes I think that I over plan and over think everything!!
I read somewhere that the Petty Experience is right in the Magic Kingdom parking lot Anyone know if this is correct? :mickey:


I am staying at the Hilton near the Marketplace for a few days and was wondering how dependable are those hotel shuttles? And when you are leaving a park where do you go to catch them?


Yep, that’s correct! And, you’ve come to the right place for Disney planning! We’re all over-planners here! To get the most out of your Disney experience you kind of have to be!

Here is a link to the Richard Petty Driving expereince

Take some time to look through other info on that website if you haven’t already. The are a lot of helpful planning tools.


The Petty Experience isn’t in the MK parking lot . . . that’s where someone from the Experience will pick you up to take you to the track, which is about a mile or so away. The shuttle picks up right by the kennel.


You can relax. The TTA is the hub to get you in and around all the parks. It is quite convenient. Just plan accordingly. Give yourself time to wait for a bus and then travel time between parks. All you have to do is get there. They will get you around.


the hotel that we are staying at has the schedule posted on their web site so I am not sure if your hotel offers this option or not… Of course it says subject to change… But I am not sure where we will be getting dropped off or picked up I guess that is one small part that I am not going to be able to over plan. From what I gather even if your hotel just drops you off at magic kingdom you can take shuttles to anywhere else that you want… My only question is if you do something that is not a disney park like the petty experience I am not sure if there is a shuttle that takes you right there or not


DH did the Petty Experience last year. We took the resort bus to MK, then the boat to TTC and then walked to the area by the dog kennel/parking lot where the Petty shuttle picked us up and took us to the track. It was a piece of cake! Hope this helps.