Ticket material


This may seem silly, but I’m going to ask anyways…

I just received our 10 day hopper tickets from Undercover Tourist. They make a point to check the tickets carefully prior to removing them from the plastic (no refunds once plastic is opened.)
Looking closely at the tickets, they seem to be made of some sort of cardboard material. If they are, I question how durable they’ll be (especially if they get wet).
This is in contrast to the plastic ones we purchased in the past from the Disney Store.

Should I worry about them? They have to last for 3 trips.

I appreciate any input the members here can give.


I was wondering something similar. I received my tickets from Ticket mania and they are made of heavy Cardstock. When we get to the resort do they just exchange them for our Key’s to the world? I can’t see these paper tickets lasting all 8 days. I assume I cannot laminate them, right?


For some reason Annual Passes are made of paper ( not very study either!)
Mine have always lasted for the year. Just be careful with the paper tickets. If you go to a waterpark put them in a ziplock. It makes no sense that some tickets like MNSSHP and MVMCP are plastic , yet AP’s and other tickets are paper!


Isn’t that terrible! I hate it! It’s my ONLY gripe with my passholders. Ugh.
I want plastic.


Don’t worry- your tickets are normal tickets. Huge piece of advice- photocopy the backs so if they are lost, they most likely can be replaced. (Ticketmania sends a photocopy with the tickets)

If they get worn (like from going to the waterparks and forgetting you have them in your pocket…) Disney will replace them. I speak from experience!


We always keep a copy of the tickets in a suitcase in case they get destroyed. You’d think for the price of an annual pass they’d spring for plastic, but, nope!
Just keep 'em outta the pool!


Thanks for the idea of photocopying! I have been uber worried about something happening to our passes, but I did not know if there was any recourse if they got damaged, etc.


I was going to say the same thing about making a photo copy.
I keep my tickets in a little plastic credit card kind of holder in my pocket. It gave them that extra layer of protection.


I think Cavey also learned from experience - he happened to photocopy - and it’s a good thing he did…he lost one of his son’s tickets in a FP machine.

Anyway, annual pass holders can also get a replacement at anytime with a photo ID.


If this includes seasonal passes as well, then I am covered and I won’t have to worry about photocopying.


I don’t like the cardboard, but I guess I’ll have to accept it (I’m now assuming all 10 day tickets are cardstock).

It just doesn’t make sense that a 3 day ticket from the Disney store is plastic, whereas a 10 day ticket (and annual pass) is cardboard. Even $5 gift certificates to some places are plastic.

There must be a reason why the Disney Store tickets are plastic (maybe in the system they use to activate the tickets…)

Thanks for the replies.


Thought I’d share some responses that I received on another forum:

“They are actually a mylar type material, very durable…”

“They are made with tyvec. They are very durable…”

“Are you staying onsite? If so, I believe you can have your tickets transferred to your roomkey if you’re concerned about the durability of the tix.”

“However, if you do have them transferred to your room key be prepared for problems with getting FastPasses. I overheard a CM at Kilimanjaro Safaris in March '06 telling a guest that 80% of their problems with the FastPass machines are with guests using the plastic tickets.
The “cardboard” tickets are remarkably durable. If they weren’t then one would wonder why Disney would use that same material for Annual Passes which get far more use than the MYW tickets.”

"The Tyvec tickets are actually better than the hard plastic cards. The hard plastic cards tend to demagnetize more often than the Tyvec, and the plastic cards can also crack easily, all of which would require you to get the card replaced.

The Tyvec tickets are as tough as the hard plastic, but more flexible. Their magnetic strips demagnetize less often than the plastic cards, too.

Those puppies are tough as nails."

If the cards are actually Tyvek instead of cardboard, then they are plastic! (Tyvek is made from 100% polyethylene fibers.)


I thought Disney was using biometric finger scans for AP card holders. I have been doing research on this subject, you know fingerprint recognition… please tell me if I am wrong.

If they are using the biometrics finger scans then the plastic cards are just a secondary messure of identification.


Hi Jim!
Make copies of your passes, front and back, just in case! AND…
Buy one of those cool, waterproof containers at WDW (the best onces are at the water parks!) – they are on a cord for around your neck, and they seal up. They are perfect size for cards, and they are great souvenires. I believe they cost around $6. You can even wear them straight into the pool, no worries!



I made copies of the back side with all the information. The front side is only a graphic.

Do I really need to make a copy of the front side?


I was thinking the fingerprint thing is just a general classification of your fingerprint. They had so much trouble with it at times the CM would just turn it off.


Yes, it does! :happy: