Ticket options questions


I went to Disney last Sept on the Myw pkg w/free dining but as a condition I had to purchase a 1 day ticket for everyone. We didn’t use the tickets so I know we can apply that credit towards a ticket purchase but does anyone know if that purchase can be for a short stay ticket like a 3 day ticket. When I was there I asked about applying credit to a annual pass and was told yes but I didn’t ask about a regular length of stay ticket.


Yes, you can trade them in toward any other ticket and they will credit you their value. Or you could sell them on ebay.


Thanks karliebug but these tixs won’t go to waste! LAUGHING!!! I am working out my low budget trip and that is a big help knowing I don’t have to try to upgrade to AP! whew! Any word on if Disney will offer another fabulous vaction package like last fall?


A word of caution, you may very well find out that your one day ticket has expired. Most everyone who did what you did to get the free dinning did not purchase the no expiration option and as such their ticket expired 14 days after they checked out of the hotel. I hope this is not the case with your ticket, but I remember reading where someone had done this and was mad at Disney.

As for the Free dinning making a return appearance. I doubt it, but if they are going to do it again in 2006, it will most likely be during hurricane season.


I am pretty sure I checked on that and was told that as long as I didn’t run it thru the turnstile it was good forever but I will check on that. Thanks.