Ticket Price Increase


I received two different notifications that ticket prices will increase tomorrow.


Yes its official. While I always expect it every year its always disappointing.


They do not go into full effect until the 2014 packages release. Book now if you are intending to go in 2013!


I’m so glad we decided to get APs at the end of last year - if we play our cards right we should get three trips out of them!


I am thankful I splurged too. I will be getting a total of four trips out of this pass for a total of 23 Disney Days. :slight_smile: Not to mention the discounts I get on merchandise etc. I will be getting one next year too!


I’m confused… are 2013 prices up or is it for 2014?


The new prices have not gone in effect yet. When they release 2014 packages that include they new pricing for tickets, ALL packages booked after that date will be priced with 2014 ticket prices. The big question is when will they release the 2014 packages for sale? Well they released them on July 11th last year, but in late June the year before. I would play it safe and buy any tickets you are going to be needed for either 2013 or 2014 - now…right now.


Sooon they will be over a hundred dollars for a singe ticket! How sad.


How much did you pay for that last concert you attended? $75 for a 2 and a half hour show without an opening act? $50? Have you ever priced tickets for any of Cirque’s shows? As expensive as it seems, that $100 ticket gives you at least 11 hours of fun and entertainment. And that’s the one day/one park ticket. As you add days, the overall price drops so that a 10 day ticket will cost you something much less than $1000.

What bites for me, or seems to, is that my APs expire in December, long after the increases. On the other hand, it’s also long before the next increases.

I was just looking at the new prices at All Ears Ticket Price Comparison Chart and I noticed that one day MK tickets will be $101.18 while the other parks are only $95.85. This is the first I’ve ever seen that, but MK does have the most attractions and the longest hours. But when you go to the 10 day non hopper, it’s only $361.04 and hoppers only bring the cost to $423.87, or only $42.39 each day.

Speaking of expensive, two IMAX 3D tickets for Star Trek set us back $28 plus parking.