Ticket prices set to rise on Sunday?


Other boards and mousesavers are reporting that ticket prices will probably rise on Sunday.:whistling I would think that with the economy the way it is that Disney would hold the prices stable this year. :angry:The fact that they are offering free dining and other discounts indicates that they aren’t filling all their rooms, so why raise ticket prices?:confused:


I would think if they raise the tic prices then they could offer another discount thus making the bottom line price still the same and eventually discontinue said discounts and still have the “new rates” without anyone noticing since those would have been there all along.
We used to do that when working retail many moons ago.

There’s also the idea that they could have some plans in the works that they’d need more $ for to off-set the costs.


Yep, Disney will make up for those great discounts by charging more in other areas.


Yep and the ones who don’t qualify or use those discounts(off-siters, time sharers, day trippers) are the ones to pay for the hike.


I was recently comparing the current WDW ticket prices to what they were ten, twenty years ago. :pinch: Yeah that’s generally not a good idea. It’s depressing. :laugh:


but you get so much more than what you got 20 years ago. More parks, etc.


That’s very true. But even comparing just a single-park ticket price to what it was ten years ago is horrifying. :laugh: I realize it’s inflation, and of course it’s Disney so price hikes are always expected…it’s just not fun to look at the rate of the increase!!


Anyone know by how much?


I agree 100%. Since all of us are serious Disney fans we’re willing to pay the prices but a lot of people I know say now way, its way overpriced. The deep discounts are nice and the free dining is awesome but the tickets prices… geeezzzzzz not so much.