Ticket Prices to Increase Thursday, Aug 5


Disney has confirmed that ticket prices will be increasing on Thursday, August 5th. Details are here:

New Information About Tickets Disney Parks Blog


Bummer!! FL Res APs up $10 bucks!! Still worth it though, you get a lot of bang for your buck at Disney! :wub:


Mickey is lining his pockets!!


I was hoping with the economy still on a down side, that we would not see an increase. Oh well, there is not much we can do.


Another good reason for my DH and the family to be going in August. I was mainly putting the view of this is the last year that our youngest goes free…well we are doing the kids S&P free so our other 3 are getting 5 day passes for free, and added on the QS plan.


That’s a lot of nerve in this economy.


Noooooooo! Please no! Why? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy? I really want the prices to go down. :biggrin:


Doees ne one know when O can book my full trip for next summer now that the price increase has happened? I thought it was right away but the website still
says no! I like to book early so I can pay a bit off each month, it doens’t hurt so bad that way, lol