Ticket Prices


:mad: This may have already been posted to another thread, but I just read on www.mousesavers.com, that ticket prices may be going up ‘substantially’ on January 1, 2006. I wonder how much is substantially? Happy New Year!


I just read the same thing and was going to post…but you beat me to it! :happy: Hopefully they will not go up to much but it does not sound to good :crying:


As long as the guests keep coming back in record numbers year after year, and more and more refurbishments have to be made, new areas to construct, more merchandise, parking lots, it’s no surprise if prices go up.


As I said in another post. The new price for a single day still works out to $5.25/hour for a 12 hour day. That’s still not a bad deal.


yeah but how many people are looking at it that way??


That is not a bad deal at all, thanks for the break down. Good way to look at it! :happy: