Ticket Question on Fun Option


I can’t believe I didn’t think of this question before when I broached this subject…

If I have a 4-day Hopper w/Fun option, can I, in theory, do 4 days of Parks and then, say, 2 separate days of Fun (water parks, etc) ? I think I can, but want to make sure.

Realistically, I’d like to use the Disney Quest portion after visiting Universal on the first day we’re there but want to make sure I still have 4 days left to park hop. So, in theory, you could fill up 8 days on a 4-day Fun option ticket, right?



I don’t believe so. I’ve always understood that the fun option was only available on the days you use your pass.


I believe you can do what you’re planning. According to Mousesavers:

You’ll have to use the Water Park Fun & More admissions within the original 14 days of your ticket’s validity, unless you buy the No Expiration option.

That says to me that you can use them any time in that window.


I do believe that you are correct. You can do 4 days of parks and 4 days of water parks.


With everything I’ve read about it sounds like you would be correct!


Water Park Fun and More tickets are ideal for the person that wants to take in a variety of activities at the Walt Disney World Resort. Most people that spend the early mornings and afternoons at one of Disney World’s four major theme parks usually are in need of relief from the Florida heat. This is exactly the reason why the Water Park Fun and More ticket is the most ideal and enjoyable way to spend your time at Disney World. With the Water Park Fun and More tickets, you have the choice of going to one of the four theme parks per day: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, MGM Studios, or Animal Kingdom, plus a choice of Typhoon Lagoon, Blizzard Beach, DisneyQuest, , Disney’s Wide World of Sports Complex Comples, or Disney’s Oak Trail Golf Course. The amount of days you add onto your Water Park Fun and More ticket corresponds to the number of extras you are able to enjoy. For example, a 4 Day Water Park Fun and More ticket comes with 4 Extra Admissions, which are used at the bonus attractions. These Extra Admissions DO NOT have to be used on the same day as the regular admissions, which means that this ticket can be used over an 8 day period!


Thank you everyone!

vthokiegirl, that appears to be an ‘official’ response. Do you have a link to that? ;o)

Thx again! Much appreciated!


vthokiegirl is correct.


[QUOTE=chetnet;941327]Thank you everyone!

vthokiegirl, that appears to be an ‘official’ response. Do you have a link to that? ;o)

Thx again! Much appreciated![/QUOTE]

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Here it is sorry I didnt’ post it with the response!