Ticket Question


Let’s say your name is… oh, let’s call you BETH… and you’ve purchased 4-day park hoppers.

You did this without the express permission of your friend we’ll call Andrea. :tongue:

It suddenly occurs to you that you might actually need 5-day park hoppers; after all, perhaps an evening meal at Epcot is in order on your arrival night, and Epcot is open late. Also, your helpful friend points out that an extra day of tickets is only $10 more for your whole family.

Since you’ve already purchased the 4-day on the Disney website as part of your MYW package, how can you change your tickets to 5-day park hoppers?


This should be easy. If you are staying at a Disney resort the CM at check in should be able to help you upgrade to a 5 day ticket. If the CM can’t help try guest services at a park,


Part of a package? Just call and make the change, should only be a dollar or two per person more.


SO simple! I love WDW!


Andrea, I’m glad that didn’t happen to you! :laugh: