Ticket question


My TA, as of today, had my tickets as MYW basic tickets plus fun.
Is it possible, if he forgets to upgrade them to park hopper tickets, to upgrade them upon check-in?

ehhhh… I was too lazy to search for that answer :redface:
I hope someone knows the answer. I suspect that it is ‘yes’


I’ve never done it but I am sure you can upgrade about any ticket at check in.


Thanks DT, I believe so too. I am just worried should the TA not get to it and I am trying not to bother him anymore with my stuff. My original booking had it all, but then we re-booked because of the discount and then the PH option went missing :blush:


I’m pretty sure it’s no problem.

My Mom didn’t use one of her days on her 3 day park hopper ticket, so on the last day we upgraded to no expiration day ($5/day=$15 total) and we were told even though there is only one day left . . . she could upgrade again and pay the difference.

SO, it’s a 3 now, upgraded to say a 5 day . . . she would pay the ORIGINAL 5 day price NOT a 2 day price (Hope I am making sense?) :blush: :blush:


Not really :laugh:
But I want to pay today’s price, not whatever they might charge in November. I better make sure it’s done this week :blush: