Ticket Question


My Mom purchased a 10 day no expire ticket…she has used 5 days on it. Can she purchase additional days on that ticket? She bought the ticket about 5 years ago. Any help please…If this helps it is a plastic Credit card type ticket.


I have never done it but she can use the value of the pass toward a new ticket. I believe they look at the price she paid when she bought the pass then look at the number days left and apply that amount to a new pass. If it was a 10 day pass and she used 5 days she would get half the amount she paid toward a new pass.


I was thinking that if she added days on she could get a discounted price for each additional day she added.


We were told on our last trip that the max a ticket could have is 10 days. Once you use them up, you can not reload the tickets with more days. If you purchase a 5 day ticket, you can add 5 days if you do it before you use your last day on the tickets.


Disney doesn’t do that as far as I know.


Cincy is right. Once the ticket reaches 10 days total, you cannot add any more days onto it. The only thing you can upgrade to is an annual pass. If your ticket has less than 10 days, you have 14 days from the date of first use to upgrade your ticket to include any additional days or options.


I just bought the 10 day, no expiration, park hopper tickets. This is what I was told, I can reload my card as long as I do NOT use up all my days. Plus, I can buy those days for the same price as I paid when I bought my tickets. That means I can reload my card for $45.00 per day no matter how many years I have the card.


This is what I was told on our May trip as well! We are passholders, but my DDs Dad is not, so he got a 3 day, and was told he can add days and get the discount!


You may want to call back and confirm this.

from Allearsnet:

MYW tickets can have days added to the ticket. You must add the days within the 14 day from first use window. No ticket can exceed a total length of 10 days. If you have a 10 day and used 5 days from it, you cannot add another day to it as the total cannot exceed 10. But if you have say a 7 day ticket and you use 2 days, you can add on up to three additional days.


That is correct in this case, but only up to 10 days.


Well then the CMs at the resorts are misinforming people, cuz I just asked my Dad and he said he was told the same thing. He expects to be able to put 5 more days on his 10 day pass and pay the 10 day discount!

I wonder if the CM on the phones would know the answer?


The CM I just spoke to on the phone said 10 days is the max. You dad can upgrade his 3 day ticket by adding up to 7 days. After that the Annual Pass would be your only option and that ticket would only be good for a year.


Wow! That SUCKS! (sorry) That is NOT WHAT we were told when we bought them at all! We were told buy 10 with no expiration, and then use the days and when you add more you will get the 10 day price! NOT GOOD! :glare:


Wow well maybe my dm should just get a Seasonal Pass.


That’s what I was just told as well. I hate that different CMs give different information. I would jump on a 10 day pas if I could just keep adding days at the original price. Just think, 10 years from now I would be paying much less for a pass than people walking up and buying a new pass. I wonder what I’ll be told if I call back and get a different CM.


I am laughing right now. I called back and spoke to a CM named *****(name removed to protect the innocent). He said you could upgrade if you did it in the first 14 days after the first use.

I asked if I could add days back on to get it back to 10 days, and he said yes. That makes 2 totally different answers in less than 20 minutes. The first CM I spoke to ( I did not get her name) said no and the second said yes.

I would love to hear from someone who was able to add days back on to a 10 day MYW ticket. Anyone???


:laugh: I wonder if we are getting the same answer looking at it a different way. Would a CM think adding days back to a 10 day pass be the same as upgrading to a new pass using the remaining value of the ticket?

I find it strange that Disney would lock in your ticket price forever–if this is true I’m all over that and getting everyone in my family a 10 day pass this summer so we can add days at this price forever.


I do think this is how it works . . . honestly!

Because if you buy no expiration it is JUST THAT . . . if you are willing to reload your pass and you are coming that often they have your money anyway . . . resort costs/food/fun stuff!

It’s prob in their best interest! Plus, all CMs are telling different stories so not everyone knows this!


But there has to be a limit. If that were true, no one would ever have to pay a price increase, they could just keep adding on to their old tickets.


But is there fine print on no expiration? I gotta find out the truth . . . I’m on a mission now!! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: