Ticket Question


I need a little advice with trip planning. Our 5 day trip in August may have just become a real 14 day vacation! :goofybounce: If it all works out we will be using DVC points from a friend so it’s our first time not using a whole package.

We will need at least 12 Day Park Hopper tickets for DD (10) and me. DH could use fewer days since he will be working the first 5 days (that’s how the trip go extended). But I can’t find the cost for anything longer than a 10 day ticket. Does anyone know where I can find that info?
Also at what point does it become better to buy an annual pass? I’m trying to account for discounts that come with the AP that could add up to make the AP a better option. DH will play golf at least once while we are there and more if it’s affordable so with AP discounts how much does a round typically cost?

If this all works out I’ll be back for more advice, we’ve never stayed more than 6 days! I’m not sure who is more excited my DD or me!


I don’t have any advice, but I’m thrilled for you! Imagine how leisurely you will be able to go about seeing the parks!

We will be in Disney 10 days this time - our longest time ever. I’m looking forward to more down-time despite the busyness of the parks when we go. It sounds like your trip will be during a less busy time.

Have a wonderful time planning! The planning and countdown is half the fun!


I hope you guys have a fun trip, I wish I could help, but I cant :sad:

hope everything works out :laugh:


10 Day passes seem to be the limit, then you go to Annual Passes. You’ll just have to see what fits our family the best. If you get 10 day + water parks, I think you can lengthen your 10dayer by skipping the park a day or two and hitting the water parks on those days. OR consider buying AP’s and have a great excuse to come back again before they expire!


Since we don’t have a trip planned to WDW, I haven’t looked at ticket prices. What’s the difference between a 10 day vs AP?


For 12 days the cheapest is 1 10 day PH pass & 1 2 day PH pass. $503.
Annual pass is $489.


I’d go with a 10 day PH ($295) and skip the parks two days during the trip. Hit Sea World and/or Universal.


It’s booked! We have 13 nights and 12 full days to spend. We are at OKW instead of BCV but I’ll take 13 days over 6 anytime. Are the AP’s good for 12 or 15 months? Thanks for the help on tickets; we have plenty of time to decide what’s best.


I think the Annual pass is your best bet for you and DD.


You’ll like OKW.

AP 15 month was December deal for FL residents and renewing AP holders.