Ticket question


We have 6 day base tickets w/waterpark and more option. how does that work? Will the waterpark be deducted from one of the 6days at the park? What about Disney quest? or are they in addition? What if we went to a waterpark in the day and then mk at night?


The way it works is that you have 6 days in the parks, and the waterparks and Disney Quest. The waterparks and Disney Quest do NOT come off your park days they are in addition to your park days and you have a park hopper so you can park hop all day long if you like. You can go to a waterpark in the morning, AK in the afternoon and MK for EMH, if you like. You can hopp all over the kingdom it’s up to you.


I don’t have a Hopper. But even if I use the waterpark one day it doesn’t count for my actual days in thee park??


Yup, you can do a waterpark or Disney Quest in addition to one of the regular 4 theme parks. If you have the park hopper, then you can go to more than one of the 4 theme parks in a day. If you have a 6 day ticket, then you have 6 visits to water parks or Disney Quest (there are a few more places included on the waterpark and more option also).


No, you can essentially get 12 days of fun out of your pass-6 days at the waterpark and 6 days in the regular parks!!!


Yes you can go to a water park in the morning and MK at night

you can go to HS in the morning and Disney Quest at night

You CAN NOT go to any of the four major theme parks twice in one day

like: EPCOT in morning and MK at night

BUT you CAN go to EPCOT in the morning, leave and go back to EPCOT at night.



Oh wow, I just learned something new. I thought to get the Water & More you had to get the Hopper first, or that’s what has been pitched to us anyway. Hmm…very interesting:happy:


The water park & more option is great if you are spending a bunch of days at Disney and want to just do a couple of days at the water park and the other days at a park. Also, the more days you add to the trip the cheaper it gets. You could actually buy a 10 day MYW with water park & more option and have enough to do for twice that amount of time.


Thanx for the info Love it!


A base ticket is a “one day one park” ticket, meaning that in a single day you can enter only one theme park. You can’t use 2 “days” to go to two theme parks in a single day.

There are two options you can add to the base ticket. Each option costs a flat fee of $52 + tax.

One option is the park hopper. A park hopper allows you to go to more than one theme park in the same day while using up only one day from your ticket. In other words, you can go to Magic Kingdom in the morning, and Epcot at night, and you’ve used only one day from your ticket. Park hopping has NOTHING to do with water parks.

Another option is Water Park Fun & More (WPF&M). The WPF&M option buys you admissions to Typhoon Lagoon, Blizzard Beach, DisneyQuest, Wide World of Sports, and 9 holes of golf on their 9-hole golf course. For the $52 fee, you get as many WPF&M admissions as you have theme park days. So on a 6-day theme park ticket, you get 6 WPF&M admissions.

Think of the theme park tickets and your WPF&M admissions as two separate tickets. In terms of USING them, one has nothing to do with the other.

On a 6-day base ticket with WPF&M, you get 6 days of admission to the theme parks (one theme park per day) AND you also get 6 admissions to the water parks, DisneyQuest, etc. Using a theme park day does NOT take away any of your WPF&M admissions, and using a WPF&M admission does NOT deduct from your theme park days.

You do not need a park hopper to buy the WPF&M option. Similarly, going to a theme park and one or more WPF&M gates on the same day is NOT park hopping.

It gets confusing …

WITHOUT a park hopper, you are limited to only one THEME park per day. But if you have the WPF&M option, on that same day you can also go to one or more of the water parks/DisneyQuest, because going to one theme park and one or more “minor” parks is NOT considered park hopping.

So let’s say you have a 6-day base ticket with WPF&M. You go to Maguc Kingdom on Monday, and that’s all. You’ll have 5 theme park days left and 6 WPF&M admissions left. On Tuesday, let’s say you go ONLY to Typhoon Lagoon and nothing else. You’ll have 5 theme park days left and 5 WPF&M admissions left. On Wednesday, you go to Animal Kingdom in the morning, Blizzard Beach in the afternoon and then DisneyQuest at night. You’ll have 4 theme park days and 3 WPF&M admissions left.

Make sense???


My advice…get the park hopper option. It’s worth it.

The park you pick one day may be crazy crowded and you may decide to hit another park later in the day. If you dpn’t have PH then it cost you TWO daily admissions. You WANT the option, especially this time of year so that when one park closes early like AK, you can hit one of the other parks in the night time.


It doesn’t work that way. With a base ticket, you can’t go to two theme parks in one day. You can’t use up two “days” from your theme park ticket in a single day. You can’t.

If you have a base ticket, and go to Animal Kingdom in the morning, and later that same day try to go to Epcot that night, when you place your ticket into the Epcot turnstile gate, the turnstile will not unlock … you will not be able to enter. The display will say something like “access denied.” On the cast members’ side, their display will say “crossover not permitted” and it will give information about the ticket, meaning they’ll know exactly why you weren’t allowed into the park. The cast member will explain your options to you: go back and re-enter the park you were already in that day; go to the ticket window and purchase the park hopper option for $52 + tax; or just go away (they never actually say that last one).