Ticket Questions


Hello everyone!

I have a ticket question… My sister’s friend was supposed to go to WDW two weeks ago but was not able to go (sad story). Now she has two 5-day park hoppers for sale. My question is… if I buy them now can I use them in a year or two? I don’t how this works because I have never bought tickets separate from the hotel. Also, I don’t think that she bought the “No Expiration” option for them. If there was an expiration it wouldn’t be activated until the tickets were right?

Jennifer :mickey:


Ok…If she has not used the tickets you can buy them and you can use them regardless of when you are going.
If she has used the tickets–you cannot buy them because of the biometric finger scanning thing…
If she purchased the no expiration option that means if you go to wdw tomorrow and use one day of your tickets…you can go back whenever and use the remaining 4 days.
If she did not buy the no expiration option you have to use the tickets within 14 days of the first day you use your tickets…example…you go to wdw tomorrow…within 14 days you need to have used your remaining four days or the tickets will be useless.
No expiration has nothing to do with when the tickets were purchased…


Thanks Cinderbella! :flowers:

No, she never got the chance to use them. Didn’t even get to Florida. :sad:

So I guess I am going to buy them! :laugh: The best part is that I am using the Disney money that I have been saving for awhile and won’t have to dip into my living funds!

Another thing…she also has two ticket for Universal. Do you know if they work the same way as Disney tickets?

Thanks again!
Jennifer :mickey:


I am not at all as informed about Universal tickets as I am about WDW tickets…sorry!


Are these the new Magic Your Way tickets introduced this January? If not they are the old park hopper passes and the days never expire, you didn’t have to purchase no expiration as an option.